Tap my electronic computer mind
See my face in the blind
Carry over consciousness from divine
Sanctity felt in the base of your spine
Square root of one-thousand eighty-nine
Cartoon soul vision
Drifts of ink swell in Korean cellars
Changed to pizza box mayhem
Pick up truck Rustoleum transformations
Sinister misgivings rival Camp David
Space flight below the sea
Avatar Abyss Aliens with triple A service
Flat tire on the side of the road
Blowjob for a tow
Kiss the baby Mr. President
Kiss the baby or you’re done
Footsteps hollow in Air Force One
Watch out Harrison this one’s bout to get spun
Box Office parade for pierced ear magic man
“Get the fuck out of my house”
David retreats
Popcorn in my ass-crack
Ice Cream on your tits
Fair weather friends never gave a shit
But everyone does the next morning
Big meal never hurt so good
Blood on the toilet paper
Everlasting gobstopper just drove by
What does it mean
Just relax
Don’t regard these words
Dis them if you may
Lords of politics don’t have sway
Hills of Montana the penitent man shall pass
Waiting to WTF the ATF
Shots fired
Mother dead
Man’s fault for not paying his taxes
Lest we do the same
Find your name on cable news shame
Headlines today
Normcore reduction
Top Chef judge’s table
Bald head Bali-tastic cleavage show
Gale’s having another baby better have dessert
Switch the station
Go to sleep
Please try again
You didn’t win

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