Cat’s eye
Blonde girl
Scowl green
Careful carpet steps
Night time serene
Blood tastes like cotton
Smock dyed hazel

Goose gizzard fowl
Tight rope junky
Slap five across the table
Vizitin’ hourz iz dun

Rape stake puppy chow
Best sushi in town
Shaved truffles at the table
Gotta get back to the blood bath

1982 was a good year
No, I don’t care for wine
Whiskey glass and dog bites
Basement full of dollars

Cocaine night cap
Start your week on a high note
This ain’t no grape fool
Put on that trench coat

Time to get crazy
Better in the dark
Knife in my pocket
Chest with no heart

Find someone anyone
Give them a baby or a gift
Time to rest little girl
Forest floor as good as any

To think it was all on the toilet
Thoughts of how it makes you get here
One bump and it’s time to dump
Coffee does the same thing

Diuretic it’s said
Coffee that is
Coke’ll get ya thin
Sick in the head

Devil rode in on white
Stole my wife in children
Who’d’ve thought it’d be my fault
Bullet only costs a dollar


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