Jennifer told me her name in the sand
Let me smell her hair
Let me hold her hand
Gave me smiles to keep breathing
Kissed my mouth till my heart stopped beating

Nothing else mattered
Nothing else was
Sparks in my eyelids
Saying her name just ’cause

Love is meaningless when shared by itself
Nothing is real in the present
Future came to me like a shower of wealth
With her I’d find it
Something real
Something besides death

Ran to her in the morning and night
Spirit racing to share her light
If she wasn’t there I don’t know what I’d do
Might have to wait because there’s no one like you

Jennifer the idea
One thing is true
Real or not doesn’t matter
It’s all what we do

“This lake seems like an ocean sometimes, you know?”
“Sometimes. It is a big lake.”
“It is”

“Look at me.”
He looks, “Yeah?”
“I love you.”
Smiles shared
“I love you too.”


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