Out of the shower
Steam towel face pat
Ruffled feathers wet
Broken mirror face scratch
Diamond cut glass
Scars forever
Belgian airport
Sprouts on the grill
Why so pretty?
Just to kill
Supermodel high fashion
High heels lost in the dungeon
Hands dirty like Maynard’s
Torture the youthful purity
Body wranglers
Stealing children from the streets
Crowns on vampires
Dogs tear flesh in the towers
Unity of the elite
Bodies just vessels
Justify genocide
Clank glances of finest spirit
Wipe blood from your lips
Truth hidden in fiction
Garlic won’t keep these demons away
Clutches in our lives
Bubble of certain ignorance
Pray you don’t see hell on Earth
Behind every flag of bright color
Darkness lurks
Tugging strings of power
Manipulating desire
Infants on the altar
Razor blades held high
If only the material
Why disguise it from our eyes
Sneakers tumble on the sidewalk
Someone’s dreams lost
Ten fingers ten toes
They love them still
Babies born into obscurity
Mother’s convinced not to want
Not to terminate
Leave children on a door step
Feeding the beasts at the apex
Pyramid evil
Robes of filth
If it be known someday
Close your eyes


2 thoughts on “chILLdren

  1. nofrillswrapping

    I read this, and read it again, and what stands out to me is that the words apply to any time period in history and what kind of judgement is that on the human race?

    Excellent writing.

  2. n8lewinski Post author

    Thanks… It is one of the parts of this world that it is very difficult to wrap my head around… that being the very real abuse of young children by people in very high seats of power… now sure, you can see what can happen to abuse at the lower levels, the so-called “vicious cycle” of it happening to this person and that seed is planted so the abused becomes the abuser… and maybe it is the same at “the top”… but the ritualistic abuse of children… I mean, the motivation for it boggles me… and it has to be more than just a “sex thing” or maybe there is something to be said about pushing limits or a sick theology of tradition that we are not privy too… but nonetheless, it is something I am trying to figure out… where does it stem from?
    I was reading a book that was getting into some old texts from around the 100-200AD era and in those, what were Gnostic texts, I believe one being the “Apocrypha of John” it talks about “God” coming to someone (I forget precisely) but as both a “child”, a “youth” and an “older man” and the way it is written, to me anyhow, almost seemed like it could be translated to justify acts with a child… it is one of the only instances I’ve come across something like that… anyway… that certainly doesn’t explain some of the more disturbing things that I’ve read about, but it has to come from something….

    And lastly, and sorry for going on… I think that even though that is what this is about… I still think it translates to other parts of our world and how “regular” people react to things or are kept in the dark about the goings on in the world out of their control and how their dreams and hopes for the future are affected by unseen forces, or at least things beyond their control…

    In the line “clank glances”… i meant glasses, but reading it over… something works about it… maybe more so…. thanks again


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