omniscience …

No I…

Running                      find it

Stars could be

Who’s to really know
looking glass tells us so…
Feet on the ground
earthly Earth
Aura of…

When my eyes hurt
stare at the sun

Heart beat
If me….                                 explore opposites

Constant motion
perpetual impossibility
All possible
truth disproves the impossible

light flickered on the finger tips of the child
fire kissed water in the darkness
black is the color of possibility
infinite subconscious of nebular existence

human beings on a singular planet
traveling at the human defined speed of light
human defined laws of physics
earth bound perception
limited by sight

is what you see what you get…
if that’s all you want

spring   summer   fall   winter

sun moon earth

all in between

Hand passes through past the eyes
synapsis lightning strike
there is no air as air as nothing
different degrees of matter in a material
all one in All for degree determines difference for the eye to the brain to the thought to the…

“Go to sleep dear,
it’s only a dream.
Worry will get you nowhere.
Go back to sleep.
You’ll feel better in the morning.”

… exhale


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