Tell this story
Year of my life
Lasted forever
Infinite strife

Soul searched for magnets in the fire
Found sidewalks with metal grates
Steam bound garbage smell
New York, New York

Nearly a thousand miles
Set between cosmic acceleration
Father and son didn’t share blood
Shared mind of common denomination

Path of economic loss conundrum
Buses and trains and planes and cars
Rental life blasted into reality
When did he load the final shot

Footsteps back to the place where
Forty paces to the thorn tree
Steps from the bridge we built
Headless in the dirt the body wilt

Caverns found me lightless in the studio
Requiem For A Dream
Met the teacher all on the horizon
Waiting for an answer to confirm Five Thousand

Cryptic words bring forth the story of a time
Soon the phrases to sentences paragraph chapters
Offer to you like a sacrifice in the hopes of recognition and acceptance
Please listen and tell me you love me

Pour my soul into a cup for you to drink…
There were lies once
But truth
All to offer


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