Dig Dig Dig
Dirt got dug when you when did
Jab that dagger in the kid
Stab Stab Stab

You never ImagineD it would have been
Sitting on couches getting high like you did
Beards and hair and Satan talk
Rock and roll down from the bean stalk
All the people seemed together as one
They wouldn’t have anything to kill, but die for
Was there any religion?
I guess it wasn’t all smokey sex mirrors after all
Shots rang out human sacrifice
Tears from the little people
Fear was the call

Dirt sprang from the wishing well
Coffin dance of fire
Liverpool gone done it again
Savior begot the scowl

Distance grows fonder in time’s great mystery
Heart beats curdle in stagnant oil sheds
Push the derricks in our heads
Dig Dig Dig
Revel the light
Dug Dug Dug
Fall on your knees and give up the

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