Capture torture rature
Catch her bind her tie her rape her taste her
Find it get it kill it take it feel it know it be it
That and this and those who know
I’ve five fingers on my left hand
Six on my right
Three eye vision fields of green
Pasture got eaten by cows of skeleton cross
Jesus slept in my bed and I kissed him before leaving
Up for work gotta go electric flying cars of cigarette vapor
Movie theater darkness feel me up and finger my pussy
I’ll jerk you off and feed your seed to my kitty-cat milk slurp
Disgusting horrific exhausting insulting distasteful wretched
Hammer nails into my nipples and feel the blood on your finger tips
Iron ore steel sore shield and sword and helmet and horse and mountains
Excalibur six cylinder motor sports dirt racing gully smart
Railroad tracks simmer vibrate and the deer doesn’t know
Doesn’t know that when the rumble come
Death remembers the scent of your fear and feeds off your guilt
So desperate creatures crawl back to the cinder and the worms can have you
Desire feeling but sexual maleficence has melted eye socket approval
Television DVR science caught me wanking with eyes on clouds and hearts on thorns
Give me stars give me beauty give me sex give me flash bulbs and fame and cement and

Give me something to eat… give me some more… give me burning bodies and…

Blinking cursors


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