Ink-bound digital
Readers shy from boundaries
Self proclaimed truth perception
What’s good is known
Mystery sleeps with the vile
Run from the obstacle

Easy swallowed
Cool rinse the familiar
Deceptive fluoride thought softener
Experimental fountain gone dry
Bathe in the toilet of ignorance

Lines gone down
Font cursor blip screen
Release keys with satisfaction
Few eyes care to care
Blistering existence lost in the blog stream
Follow the shepherd in dusk’s silhouette

Sword in hand
Chase chase chase
Inverted journey to the center of my stupidity
Lies of want to be seen heard loved recognized
Defiant failure cause lost in thorns of teenage scorn
Draw girls in class with powerless erection

Fat sugar cigarette ash rotten
Boys with men and dogs with leashes
Spots on eyes tungsten headache
LCD face burn
Yellow teeth drunken make-out
Virginity left on mother’s doorstep

Thought they would like it
Read to self in satisfaction
Nothing enough to be saw in the fire
Let piggies have the food
Dead babies in the mud
Wealth based on dead algorithms coated with blood


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