you esss ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Prosthetic whiplash
Comfort tool
Crumbs in the couch
Smoky inhabitants
Gray roots
Fat body
Bubble tits
Tattoo wrist
Lollipop sweatshirt
Acid in the milk jug
Egg vomit
Mildew brain
Case in point
Oink my face
Dangerous fire breathing kindergartner
German swashbuckling muscle man
Mustachioed vagina seat
Douchebags of America unite!
Glutenous entertainment vultures
Sunken ship dairy farmers
Ass crack for days
Ignorance for weeks
Smells like fiend
Stronger opiates please
Not enough kids dying yet
Dead but alive
Walking Dead metaphor of drug addicted youth
Hypno-vision sixty years and going strong
Nat King Cole came singing in my bedroom
Look who’s cumming on your face for dinner
If you know what that means you are a foul creature
Go back to bed


3 thoughts on “you esss ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  1. nofrillswrapping

    It’s interesting how you single out one country. I don’t even think there’s a single country where the inhabitants are all healthy, wealthy and wise. I think it’s the leadership of every country that’s corrupt. It’s the nature of the game. Always has been, always will be until we find an alternative.

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      It is because I live in the ol’ USA that is probably why… and it certainly is the nature of the game everywhere… and of course, one could argue that the UK, USA and EU are merely states of one larger, Global entity and there is certainly an argument to be had on that point, but nonetheless… practices in the US are done in such a way (citizen programming, hyper-subliminal propaganda [and sometimes overt under the thin veil of “patriotism”], the use of “equality” as a divider of people) that it is almost an art of manipulation to the highest degree. This is all just a quick blurb of my thoughts on it, but the control of people is the thing I am looking into here (partly anyhow) and the end result happens to be that because I am of low birth (as most are) my life is of no significance to the people who control everyone else

  2. nofrillswrapping

    You have significance if only as a statistic on a chart somewhere to record your birth and death.

    You might not be significant to the people who pull the strings, but to the rest of the puppets, you are…


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