In that itchy eyed dream world
lost in the past.
Lint under the finger nails
from Sunday last.
Give me liberty
from pain of yesterday.
Tell the story faithful
below the tree we lay.

Sunshine and daffodils
linger softly at my feet.
Crayfish in Allegany
from the bubbling creek we meet.
Long socks and ice cream
give way to drug cushioned insecurity.
It was clear once
then the world shattered.

Give us this day
our daily bread
and remember the sins
that led us here.
Tell me father
is there an answer to find?
Or do I already know it
and you did so
in kind?

Beautiful sunshine
please last forever.
Let our breath be full
of God’s bright splendor.
If we forgive ourselves
let us have salvation.
I love you Dad
and I’ll never
forget you.


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