Read those words
Of that time
Pain connection

Pictures of you
Made me feel
And think of what time
Has made

Felt that longing
To know you

Love was real then
But what is it now
To exchange memories
Through device
And breathe on
Silent smiles of
Textual embrace
From gentle laughter
To absent desire

Lives separate now
But the past still binds us
So sorry how a
Soft spoken monster might
Tarnish fair innocence
Vessel nothing
But a liar

What if
We met again
Love still real
As then

What if
It was different when
All of that
Came to an end

It brought truth
To tragedy
And if I could
For the touch of your smile
Brown eyes precious
Slit his throat for you
For me
For us

Can’t stop thinking
This mind left fragile

You and I
I know it is
We share that
Something I can’t
Can’t keep you from
My thoughts
And I don’t
Want to wake


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