Eye strain afternoon
Body bent left
Mind can’t right
I being one
Fractal character
Spun dials of communication
Search for a landing pad
So many smiles of youth
Headphone noggin bob
Spring buds shed clothes
Marten’s taste the sidewalk
Dripping aura of exposed collarbone
Shamefully long tee-shirt
Can’t stop
Thoughts race at speeds unmatched
Swirling twisting losing control
Force fed tragic stories
LCD page hasn’t been found
Writing left out in the cold
Hands teach the heart muscle
Another night another wine
Laugh and smile
Meaningless jubilation

Capture the days gone past
Obstacles please don’t last
I’m here now and fading fast
Desperate to elevate this caste
Rhymes break sudden contrast
Not how this poem started
Evaporate like gas


3 thoughts on “afT

  1. bejamin4

    I love this part: “Body bent left / Mind can’t right”, because the mind isn’t right but also it cannot write. Great work. Your style is so different and interesting.


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