Crash-tacular assassinations leave dizzy with fascination
Phraseology birthed from Phonetics ripe with Mythology
Temple of Music 1901 two shots by the gun
Pierced stomach of the nation
Anarchists on the run
Could it be just as it was

Setting the scene and following clues
Checking the web and search old news
Papers leave me wanting to know
What could be of closed door interrogation
Sinister sophistication
Pointed stars and stone buildings

Electrical triumph of light and death
Progress leads to martyrdom
New President rough rides to office
Niagara Falls pumps power into brightness
Railroads feed cash to British blooded pockets
Some left wanting and pacing for misdirection

Match stick ignition
Dark cavern flicker
Echoed steps
Somewhere an answer
Sounds of yester
Years left calling

Talk to time
Answer in rhyme
Sound and music give geometric condition
Vibration of global cosmos
Learn to listen
History revision


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