It’s over
I’m done
I can’t do this anymore
It’s nothing to me
More to do
More to say
Verbal treadmill has me aching
Cost of time found lingering in the ethos
Number land drifting as ones and zeroes
Mind slogging through the fog
Distant reminder of deeds left undone
Fight to return from this
Temporary distraction
This is it
It has to end
Too much time spent
Too much life gone
Here it sits
For you to read
The last of this
Is all you see
Now I leave
Trail of letters
Something to find
A year gone by


5 thoughts on “dun

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      …and that is why I have to put the poetry on this blog down for a while… it is a vice of impatience writing these down in a flurry whenever I get the itch… have to be more patient and finish “undone” creative pursuits

    1. n8lewinski Post author

      Thanks Mike… I guess just writing in the vacuum and having it just spew into the ether kind of got me down. I am still not writing… just not so much of the poetry at the moment… even though some life has gotten in the way. More planning and jotting ideas. The story at the forefront I really hope to finish… we will see. Thanks again for the kind words.


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