What this is about…

Struggle to perform
To express
I offer these poems

In the vacuum
There is no audience
While there are novels and books to be published
To be brought to the reader, the watcher, looker, viewer, consumer…
There is no outlet for me…
So this…
Enjoy… that’s what it is about

-thank YOU

[ADDENDUM: As of September 8th 2013, I have 100 followers and many people seem to be reading my poetry. Thank you, I appreciate the time it takes to read them, even if it takes less than a minute most times, and I try to give a follow for whoever cares to say they enjoyed one of the poems. I don’t read others as much as I write, but I do here and there, while I am just giving up what’s inside of me for whoever wants it. Thank you again.]

[ADDENDUM 2: I wrote my 200th poem on this site today and want to thank all of you who have glanced and read and followed and liked… it is nice to see someone, anyone, spend the moments to read even a small piece of my work. All my thanks… Have a grand new year where all that can, will, for the good of your lives…]

Here is a film I made a while back:

Writing Poetry from Buffalo, New York, United States, North America, Earth
Writer, Filmmaker, Actor, Artist
Human, Thinker, Asshole, Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Runner, Digger


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