Crash fuel
Half my life of this
Still running
Blurred landscape
Hyper tense
Heart grab
Lost hallucination
Internal oasis

Find me there
Warm in the blood
Past glance
Hands together
One more chance
Time distant
Space eternal
Mystery between

Drown me in nothing
Tear me to something
Rhythm stark ancient
Before ahead
All to be all for all
Gravitational evidence
Chalk lined life
Find each other in the ashes



Can’t stand this

Fancy pants-tastic

Drift drip ripple finger

Stone pitch stitch trigger

Divide encyclopedia bust stanzas

Concrete clues digital lies

Foreign summits cancer avalanche

Ignition combust standard revolution

Redrum ran round mulberries

Green maze frozen blood jaw

Careful beard moon flew

Lookout mountain shadow studio

Knife slash canyon craze

Rock and roll satan

Dave programmed killer police

State states yes halt

Stand deliver sift salt

Break silence heart beat

River smoke nuclear fission

Atom lingered wisp button

Eyes close face open



rari… digni… satis…

Died like you

heart stops two

Two step deux

drape shape you

Nude to a cue

Asphalt heat

melt red marten’s

calves parabola

x/y special

sweat reproduction

Organ gave mist

Drive till the gas runs out

follow me in this desert

find an empty place

hands on your waist

Earth gave us all to waste

Bring me your face

let us taste

youthful blood

bite my lip

claw me


just don’t

love me


Don’t if you don’t want to… I can’t make you… I won’t do it… No… I won’t

Flip your lids away then… close your ears… but don’t forget… shut your mouth

Alone on this island… I don’t fear death… I won’t lay limp… weak… timid

I stand powerful… sturdy… distinguished… wild… eyes razor sharp

My mind digs in your soul.. disrupts your stability… feeds on your ineptitude

Inside you I am your master… your usurper… twisting through your spine

I control your motor… your desire… your talent… your pain… your will

I make you live… die… laugh… scream… cry… cum… bleed… create… fly

I am your maker… your lover… your giver… your taker… I am everything

Careful to keep you ignorant… blind… deaf… foolish… I pull your leash

Open your eyes… tell me you love me… let me in without knocking…

Time never ends… because it never started… doesn’t exist… and never will



Disastrous finality
Can’t stop rape neutrality
Lungs set to stun leak
Eyes spell drone with y.o.u.

Footsteps in the shadow
Read light ever present
Calculating movement
Recording thought

Reap truth from the dungeons of deceit
Hold children tight from institutional monsters
Tax free hideaways protect the few
Many scurry in heart aching fear

Cheer the police state
Ready your flags
Lay down your arms
Sacrifice your young

Drum beats of war
Attack on humanity
Generations of seeding
Yield of plenty with human currency

Stop what you’re doing
Huddle together
Seek collective will
Bury the falsehoods

Ritual and matrimony
Divide and divide
Fragile now
Living have died


Not going to pretend
Pretend you’re
Something you’re
Not going to know
Something that
You are more than
What you
Not just a memory
Not just an image
You are something



cardboard paste face taste dribble on your finger lace
give me a sign that can take my heart away
robotic cybernetic hypnosis upload my memory plug
cancer stricken sidewalks dinner table for children
dirty knees and dirty mouths send credits to accounts
business men lie in the sewage for thrusts of bliss
disease their families from vice trips running from hell’s grip
cash on the dollar sweep in the profits
bank vaults filled with cyanide gave Abraham second sight
careful walking in this night monsters stalk your shadow tight
rain comes you try to flee but eyes turn red and teeth get sharper
nothing to do but try to get away yet they keep coming and gaining in number
found a cave to hide in far down that’away
distance hidden in trees with others with the eyes cut out
cover your ears and hold your breath let the tears mark your death
illusionary home stuck orbital in mind made abundance
telescopic freedom left bodies rotting and souls soaring
up UP away