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Disastrous finality
Can’t stop rape neutrality
Lungs set to stun leak
Eyes spell drone with y.o.u.

Footsteps in the shadow
Read light ever present
Calculating movement
Recording thought

Reap truth from the dungeons of deceit
Hold children tight from institutional monsters
Tax free hideaways protect the few
Many scurry in heart aching fear

Cheer the police state
Ready your flags
Lay down your arms
Sacrifice your young

Drum beats of war
Attack on humanity
Generations of seeding
Yield of plenty with human currency

Stop what you’re doing
Huddle together
Seek collective will
Bury the falsehoods

Ritual and matrimony
Divide and divide
Fragile now
Living have died


u… boy

Cracked out
Needle drip
Blood sponge
Ground Cheetos in the carpet
Spaghetti burnt stove top
Cigarette filter burn
Phlegm hack the kitty box
Mold under laundry piles
Paint peel reveals torture
Food stamps for soda pop
Lottery tickets table top
Sour body odor
Maxi pad over flow
Someone turned the lights off
He pressed his hands
Freckles crossed by tear drop
Lamb for the taking
Act like a boy now
Never let the love stop
Forced denial
Mother said it’s her fault
Blamed brown eyes for looking that way
Evil lives somewhere in a smile
Blue eyes ignorant to deviance
Bastard boy
Die boy
Better run and hide boy
Cry cry cry
We hope you
Die die die


Read those words
Of that time
Pain connection

Pictures of you
Made me feel
And think of what time
Has made

Felt that longing
To know you

Love was real then
But what is it now
To exchange memories
Through device
And breathe on
Silent smiles of
Textual embrace
From gentle laughter
To absent desire

Lives separate now
But the past still binds us
So sorry how a
Soft spoken monster might
Tarnish fair innocence
Vessel nothing
But a liar

What if
We met again
Love still real
As then

What if
It was different when
All of that
Came to an end

It brought truth
To tragedy
And if I could
For the touch of your smile
Brown eyes precious
Slit his throat for you
For me
For us

Can’t stop thinking
This mind left fragile

You and I
I know it is
We share that
Something I can’t
Can’t keep you from
My thoughts
And I don’t
Want to wake


Out of the shower
Steam towel face pat
Ruffled feathers wet
Broken mirror face scratch
Diamond cut glass
Scars forever
Belgian airport
Sprouts on the grill
Why so pretty?
Just to kill
Supermodel high fashion
High heels lost in the dungeon
Hands dirty like Maynard’s
Torture the youthful purity
Body wranglers
Stealing children from the streets
Crowns on vampires
Dogs tear flesh in the towers
Unity of the elite
Bodies just vessels
Justify genocide
Clank glances of finest spirit
Wipe blood from your lips
Truth hidden in fiction
Garlic won’t keep these demons away
Clutches in our lives
Bubble of certain ignorance
Pray you don’t see hell on Earth
Behind every flag of bright color
Darkness lurks
Tugging strings of power
Manipulating desire
Infants on the altar
Razor blades held high
If only the material
Why disguise it from our eyes
Sneakers tumble on the sidewalk
Someone’s dreams lost
Ten fingers ten toes
They love them still
Babies born into obscurity
Mother’s convinced not to want
Not to terminate
Leave children on a door step
Feeding the beasts at the apex
Pyramid evil
Robes of filth
If it be known someday
Close your eyes


A dangling drift
I’m stumbling upon this
Most terrible secret
Vile disturbance

Centuries taken to see the truth
There are so many that have felt the pain
Why is something thought between cries
Blood pools to a whimper for confused old men

Vicious cycle cliche
Hidden in the folds of theological garment
Choir sings alto soprano
Recourse on the next plane


Us all find it
Gone one day when
Sun shines no matter
Yet darkest days could be the brightest
Seven year old boy in the backseat to nowhere
Find a brother crying
Should be older
Looks like he did when
Lost it on some
Found himself being
Man took over
Put parents at ease
Stayed the night as if
Lost it then
Forever a mirror left in shards
Found him to be
Not what I always thought
Mother not the same
World inverted twisted and exposed
Deviated the palm lines
All was nothing before
He was
Then became
Inside it grips
Soul tortured by desire he can’t
Just a thin boy
Just the lost boy
Just so
And now

–o– –O–

Over the moonlight they came
Beams of infinity
Spinning free
No strain of desire
Time bent
Singularity divine

Was is as the virgin space
Blackest beauty of one
Clone reverse image mirror
Explosion of light
Crack the atom of the night

We can’t see
Reality impossible
Perception rules our world
Ten billion in one
Twisting entwined with each other
Universe of thought

Evil strikes a pose
Runway stalk
Flashbulbs ignite
Wickedness done with damnation of the physical
Excuse of brutality

An infant strung up
Abraham the despicable
Legacy of sacrifice
Abuse for the most high
Deviants of perversion
Share our vision

Catastrophic miracle
Death embodies salvation
Pierced heart of innocence
Feel your temple in the darkness
Intelligent masturbation
Flame flickers with intimacy