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Driven far beyond the watcher
Candlestick cove
Grave cast early morning condesnsation
Wall was cold
Wet on my fingertips
Back of my throat cracked
Air was heavy

Light started from nothing
Eyes used to finding their own way
Feet floated over the rocks
Something was moving but I didn’t know what
Thought I was alone
Had to remember that it was impossible to be
Never just one
Or always

Staring off
You imagine his last thoughts
Life defined by roles
How can you be sad when you never knew him
Selfish is the audience
Depression from having to cling elsewhere
Broken branches fall beneath the climber
Thought to himself only halfway and then it began

If just nothing more then where do the lost go
If more then how
Someone knows
Everyone cares
But there he was on a stained carpet
Manipulator of the vessel
Toy for the laughing
Object for manipulation




Gravity pushes down the fire my friend
No shame in pain from mortality
Air brought the soul to your lips

Memory cares for us like siblings
Turns away in cruelty
Comforts despite repercussions

Careful as we may the mind is not our own
Untrustworthy companion
Lest we be surprised by its betrayal

Fret is for the forlorn
Dignity for the dead
Pray tonight on broken hearts

Your part of us is always here
As a tree we saw in the forest
Bless those of us who heard you fall

perFORM {pART I}

New Young Old
Flex Crack Veins Limber
Wander Set Focus Twitch React

Table round
Cast abound
Nervous animation
Heart beats silent
Sweat beads internal

Hand shaky meet and greet
Smiles abound
Script count text
Read through
Breathe through

Sip swallow
See it now
On your mark