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Random sight
Mother’s flight
Left me empty
Lost outside
Dark forest
Man with a gun
Listen to the trains go by
Who would take this son

Boy of brown hair
Crooked smile
Best of all
Ran a mile
Round the court
To the park and stopped
Rode his bike
Hit a curb and dropped

Blood poured heavy from the knee
Cried and screamed his way home
Felt comfort of a demon
Aqua-net stink
Black dyed perm
Crunched feet arthritis ache
Dirty fingernails with makeup splotch
Nightmares of her image in the glass case

Why did they give him away?
To this beast… This creature
Vile departed foul disgusting wretched crippled mass of soulless flesh



Sterile service
Grasp the cold skeleton
Touch me
Only for that one
Time sat still for the picture
Help me scale this store front
Sales on goods and murder
Find a diamond in the
Smooth sailing from here on
Inside your world is a demon waiting to
Fuck you and your adopted father
Slit your wrists for an
Orgasm phantasm lift you like
Candle in the moonlight distant
Help me reach my climactic
Rage knows no significance only
Love fills me when I see your
Dead body on the sidewalk lures the
Aunts are like Uncles but pee
Sitting down I finally see what you’re
Talking about politics is like masturbation
Outside is where I want to be not
Standing on a high rise waiting for the
Wind signals destiny when the rooster
Spins to where the vane is right
Is that east west north south or
Night fills me with a sudden

“Oh my God, you’re so beautiful! Is that okay to say?”

“Sure, why thank you. Wish I could say the same.”


“Well, now you can’t.”


no speak
silence felt
crowded heart
deaf eyes

careful steps
spoke to others
touch lost
feeling deferred

time rounded
bent back history
pain ever present
regret constant

pray for more mama
pray it changes soon
don’t you see me here
don’t you care to know