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Crash landed here
Sights and sounds
Steps in the direction
Right or wrong
Discovery comes far
There is liquid in my eyes

Itch on my neck
Fortunate to have a stranger pass by
Misgivings allowed
I am afraid
Finds me in his memory
Was I there all along

Running as if there’s no tomorrow
Panting and aching
Thirst strangles innards
How much longer can I last
No sound from my own
I’m alone in the mystery

There it comes to me
Crouched low
More fearful than I
Rumbled from it’s head
Is this it
It’s ov–


–o– –O–

Over the moonlight they came
Beams of infinity
Spinning free
No strain of desire
Time bent
Singularity divine

Was is as the virgin space
Blackest beauty of one
Clone reverse image mirror
Explosion of light
Crack the atom of the night

We can’t see
Reality impossible
Perception rules our world
Ten billion in one
Twisting entwined with each other
Universe of thought

Evil strikes a pose
Runway stalk
Flashbulbs ignite
Wickedness done with damnation of the physical
Excuse of brutality

An infant strung up
Abraham the despicable
Legacy of sacrifice
Abuse for the most high
Deviants of perversion
Share our vision

Catastrophic miracle
Death embodies salvation
Pierced heart of innocence
Feel your temple in the darkness
Intelligent masturbation
Flame flickers with intimacy