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Dignity of the driftwood came
perilously down the path.
Twisted in sight
battle tested
guidance gave intelligence
accompanied by faith.
Sinister personalities in the shadows
bore torches in the night.
Moon’s opulence glowed
poignant through the trees.
She said to me
her hand in mine
desperate eyes of passion
her lips quivered like
the day we first locked eyes
knowing in moments we would kiss
and never feel
the need to break free
to release our love
from the sliver between us.
She held my hand and told me
this could never be again.
These were the last moments of
our companionship
but our love
and togetherness
would live on.
I led her to a plateau
rocky and ancient
and worn into a natural state.
Forged by the druids
of mystic capability
where the mystery of their method
lay just as that
of the shadow
she followed me up the softened steps.
With hands on her shoulder
the drapes of her gown fell
in one pull.
Naked in the firelight
where my torch burned on from its holder
her skin warmed orange.
I lay her nude body down
across the stone tablet
imagining its cold
against her back
yet she did not wince
or shutter
and from my cloak I revealed the dagger
crimson handle
golden trim
and blessedly forged
steel blade.
“I love you my darling.”
Her head turned in the slightest
as my arms dropped swiftly
and the point broke into her heart
with a solid thrust
and pop of the sternum.
Air left her mouth one last time
but before it finally ascended her lips
I kissed them once more
inhaling her essence for that one final
magical time
under her moon
this final dance
at this
the end of her time.

I will think of her always
when the moon is out
life is dim
and the world
needs love.