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All the same and intertwined together
Caught in a snapshot by eagle feathers
Anointed sons of founding fathers
Blood lines red and white and blue
Clench fists with structural oppression
Dominance a cloth instilled ambition

Iron and steel and fire and death
Wave the flag from right to left
Cast your vote to kill the Earth
Imagine what the soul of a child is worth
Ask for change on faithful investment
Receive a loss for mind’s resentment

Breathe in and sigh without remorse
All together bring about a path to course
Voices low and high and true between
This is not all that life should bring
If ever there was truth let it be free
Today is the tomorrow where I becomes We


you esss ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Prosthetic whiplash
Comfort tool
Crumbs in the couch
Smoky inhabitants
Gray roots
Fat body
Bubble tits
Tattoo wrist
Lollipop sweatshirt
Acid in the milk jug
Egg vomit
Mildew brain
Case in point
Oink my face
Dangerous fire breathing kindergartner
German swashbuckling muscle man
Mustachioed vagina seat
Douchebags of America unite!
Glutenous entertainment vultures
Sunken ship dairy farmers
Ass crack for days
Ignorance for weeks
Smells like fiend
Stronger opiates please
Not enough kids dying yet
Dead but alive
Walking Dead metaphor of drug addicted youth
Hypno-vision sixty years and going strong
Nat King Cole came singing in my bedroom
Look who’s cumming on your face for dinner
If you know what that means you are a foul creature
Go back to bed


Tap my electronic computer mind
See my face in the blind
Carry over consciousness from divine
Sanctity felt in the base of your spine
Square root of one-thousand eighty-nine
Cartoon soul vision
Drifts of ink swell in Korean cellars
Changed to pizza box mayhem
Pick up truck Rustoleum transformations
Sinister misgivings rival Camp David
Space flight below the sea
Avatar Abyss Aliens with triple A service
Flat tire on the side of the road
Blowjob for a tow
Kiss the baby Mr. President
Kiss the baby or you’re done
Footsteps hollow in Air Force One
Watch out Harrison this one’s bout to get spun
Box Office parade for pierced ear magic man
“Get the fuck out of my house”
David retreats
Popcorn in my ass-crack
Ice Cream on your tits
Fair weather friends never gave a shit
But everyone does the next morning
Big meal never hurt so good
Blood on the toilet paper
Everlasting gobstopper just drove by
What does it mean
Just relax
Don’t regard these words
Dis them if you may
Lords of politics don’t have sway
Hills of Montana the penitent man shall pass
Waiting to WTF the ATF
Shots fired
Mother dead
Man’s fault for not paying his taxes
Lest we do the same
Find your name on cable news shame
Headlines today
Normcore reduction
Top Chef judge’s table
Bald head Bali-tastic cleavage show
Gale’s having another baby better have dessert
Switch the station
Go to sleep
Please try again
You didn’t win


Profanity in the water supply better hope the stars won’t die
Twinkle divinity in your child’s eye goes astray by the time their nine
Pubescent futility raises eyebrows and shows the world it’s our time
A time to a live a time to laugh when someone cries shedding tears for angel lies
Rudy said Sun and Earth and Moon were one but from what truth has this tale been spun
Walk into their houses with a gun and shoot them bloody one by one
America the beautiful sea to sickened sea how does one go on in all this negativity
Bet your bottom dollar it’s not doing anything just lying there
Fictitious economic manifestation breeding smiles from blood diamonds to crown jewels
History isn’t real to us anymore just prepackaged dramatic mind-rape perfected by shadows
Anonymous is a computer they say attached to man with goodness in his heart
Carpal tunnel and brain cancer and cataracts will get the best of us in the end
Who knew you could get so much oil from the mother beneath our feet
If Eden is the universe we live in the garden
Haven’t you all figured out its a metaphor by now?
Remember to breath


Retro absorption
Puppet at the podium
Shadows drift between our ears
They say he’s red
But we know he’s clear
Distant parade
Boots step the mantra
Complexity compounds complicit behavior
Battlefield bunker basement
Nuclear explosion on the television
Ask not what these boxes will tell you
Read between the lines of resolution

High Definition 4K war machine
Cellphones message cancer to your mother’s womb
Babies born chipped
Pick blue eyes blonde hair rejoice
Plastic surgery for pre-school
Toddler has a perfect thigh gap
God Bless America
Red carpet back scratch Senate clap
No taxation without corporate approval
Homeless man with a Swiss bank account

Off shore off the grid off load and off put
Often smell roses on my night stand
Manhattan taxi stain
Thumbs up leather glove Mr. Porter
Tell me how to think from the G between compass and square
Teach me how to feel
Fall in line for the funeral march
Shake off the dead weight of the world
Start from the ground up
Get off seeing children with flies on their faces
Poverty grows on the run-off from mansion sewage
Tragedy asks for the laborers to donate at checkout

“That is a beautiful car.”
“It certainly is sir.”
“Does it come in 24 karat gold?”
“Yes sir, whatever you’d like.”
“Diamond encrusted rims and trim?”
“If that is what you’d like.”
“Well, I would like that.”
“Very good sir, I will have it ordered for you.”
“One more thing.”
“Yes, sir?”
“Shit yourself.”
“As you wish.”


Wires in my hands
Pull my unreality into focus
Show me the way to the sovereign
Take me there to where the dove dies
I’ve got wooden limbs soaked in alcohol
Concrete gives me life
Hollowed halls of the paper chase
Constant over bearing dilemma of fate
Found Jesus in the sunshine
Found the Devil in my pocket
Just words and ideas of fanciful control
My mind aches with atmosphere
Smogged feeling of loneliness and rapture
Blue eyed princess came to me in the night
On the computer screen she tempts my being
Her limbs slender
Lips tender
Came on the day discount return to sender
This sheet of my existent lay blank
Pen out of ink
My tongue recoiled
Speak not for what it can do for you
Your country will lessen the load when the time comes
Intervals of controlled poison
Time release viral infection finds your sons and daughters
Webcam tizzy kiss lips six packs and sex truth and HD
Won’t send the waves through wire like TV
Companies wouldn’t want that
Corporatocracy upholds the meaning of Christmas
Santa flies under the radar
Forced consumerism the American way
Type type click click
Naked women and video games
Bite my fist with impatience
I need something I see
I’ve seen everything the world can offer
Masturbate before bed
Tissues in my pillow
Suck my thumb womblike
Cut this cord
Release me please
If only I could end this injunction
Take you with me to the side of the mountain
Overlook the valley
Spread for all of us to live
Don’t need your laws
Your time
Your hate greed control hypocrisy

All I need is sun on my face and love in my heart


avocado dipped in egg yoke
newspaper dipped in shit
all so pretty now
it’s left that twinkle in my eye

Silly me
As if
This all mattered so much
Silly you
As if
It all was what they said
Silly them
Could they all be so dumb
A word so god damn silly
I think I’m overcome

My diaper over floweth
A rash I’m sure you’ll find
Mommy please don’t hurt it when you change me
I promise I’ll learn next time

Christmas gifts
And hambone fits
Halloween candy
Easter Bunny twist
Silly silly turkey
Pilgrims ate Indian on Thanksgiving
“Can you please pass the curry?”
“Of course darling.”

Of course