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rari… digni… satis…

Died like you

heart stops two

Two step deux

drape shape you

Nude to a cue

Asphalt heat

melt red marten’s

calves parabola

x/y special

sweat reproduction

Organ gave mist

Drive till the gas runs out

follow me in this desert

find an empty place

hands on your waist

Earth gave us all to waste

Bring me your face

let us taste

youthful blood

bite my lip

claw me


just don’t

love me



Boom fairy
Hypnotic star gaze
Grapple mountain tops
Swimming oceans
Continental swift
Soft belly bubble snout

Can they kill the dolphins like that
Is it true the murderous ways of man
If questions didn’t exist
Would life be worth living
Punctuation unnecessary
We’re all left empty handed

Christ like figurative
Cloak and daggerness
Prince loves the baroness
Meet you behind the curtain
Church bells and sun down
Touch you kiss you love you fuck
Soul twisted inside you like a borrowing worm
Eternity with passion and dash of the animalistic
Bite your neck until you bleed
Won’t let you breathe
Until I know you’re mine
For this our ever faithful time

Hands clasped
Eyes stare
Forward exhale