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u… boy

Cracked out
Needle drip
Blood sponge
Ground Cheetos in the carpet
Spaghetti burnt stove top
Cigarette filter burn
Phlegm hack the kitty box
Mold under laundry piles
Paint peel reveals torture
Food stamps for soda pop
Lottery tickets table top
Sour body odor
Maxi pad over flow
Someone turned the lights off
He pressed his hands
Freckles crossed by tear drop
Lamb for the taking
Act like a boy now
Never let the love stop
Forced denial
Mother said it’s her fault
Blamed brown eyes for looking that way
Evil lives somewhere in a smile
Blue eyes ignorant to deviance
Bastard boy
Die boy
Better run and hide boy
Cry cry cry
We hope you
Die die die



Past hovers
Hooded cloak
Whispering shadow
Silent shouts
Pulsating continuance
Suffocating rhythm
Keyboard magnetism
Can’t help
Paralyzed art
Failed individualism
Started with a spark
Ended with an echo

Father gave
Son took
Life lost
Pupil frozen
Dark apartment
Studio dwelling
Rats in the garbage
Super beats them with a bat

Bricks revealed on Wooster
Apartments swirl on Houston
World ended as it began
Relish the tragedy
Cathartic elixir
Specialty tears
Took the money
He is dead

aNother BOy

Sand castle fascination
Filling pales
Wave swoosh
Don’t run
Sun screen
Water bottles
Cellulite pasty legs
Tan-line breasts
Dirty feet
Food to eat
Ants in a shell
Drift wood
Follow the line
Root system
Scare tactic
This way that
Regard for lovers
Teenage adults
Look for it
Something new
Always old
Windy afternoon
Can’t find home
Don’t know
Life crept up on you
Now you have to go


Was a boy when I scraped my knee
Thick scab came after the blood
Like rebuilding a village after the flood
Picked the scab it felt so good
Until it didn’t
Then more blood
Got good at it though
Picking scabs that is
Knew when and where to start a pick
What color made it that time
They say not to do it or it might scar
But when I look at my knees now
Scars really aren’t there
It’d be fun to pick scabs again
But I’d hate to scrape my knee


Buttons Buttons Buttons
Buttons on my shirt
Sweater Sweater Sweater
Please mommy it hurts
Itchy wool my neck don’t like it
Please mommy I don’t want to
These saddle shoes don’t fit anymore
I don’t fit in his clothes mommy
Please don’t make me do it
Please don’t make me wear this
I don’t wanna comb my hair
I don’t wanna brush my teeth


Random whore monger
Disgusting human birth
Fear the shadows of Earthly self doubt
Trip on your own ignorance

Footsteps as a gift
Taken down the street of fate
Salvation for those who see beyond the sky
Stars shine down as the warmest womb

Cycles of light found in your desperate eye
Understand your connection to the Sun
Sun from the Cosmos
Cosmos from the Gods

When your soul meets another
Mirrors could not reflect more identical this identity
Persona flight from genetic monstrosity
Ignite the fire from your speech translated from this language

The young boy walked out the door despite calls from his mother
Wind blew from the east and his hair itched his forehead
His eyes took moments to focus into the sunlight
After a breath all sound went mute
He ran off the porch and over the grass in a woosh
To man-made streets and past Sun-made trees
He never wanted to go home again
Lost in inherent stupidity all he knew was to try and escape
Pressure on his small rapidly beating heart might be too much to bear
He sprints and tears start to flow as his lip quivers
Face tenses and contorts
Scalp throbs as his hair grows long
Skin tightens
Body grows

He ran from home to find something
But because he kept running
His way was lost
And he found nothing

Then home found him
Universe pushed the boy out the door again
Try one more time my son
Find the answers in the light, but weary the shadows of men


Random sight
Mother’s flight
Left me empty
Lost outside
Dark forest
Man with a gun
Listen to the trains go by
Who would take this son

Boy of brown hair
Crooked smile
Best of all
Ran a mile
Round the court
To the park and stopped
Rode his bike
Hit a curb and dropped

Blood poured heavy from the knee
Cried and screamed his way home
Felt comfort of a demon
Aqua-net stink
Black dyed perm
Crunched feet arthritis ache
Dirty fingernails with makeup splotch
Nightmares of her image in the glass case

Why did they give him away?
To this beast… This creature
Vile departed foul disgusting wretched crippled mass of soulless flesh