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Don’t tell me
You’re a liar
A real liar you
Gray wearing matter of facter
Terrible detractor
Backdoor handshakes hand shaking back stabs
Continents in blood
Running for the hills women and children
Tripped and fell on the hillside
Roll and roll and break bones crack snap echo
Distant conundrum
Truth bleeds through LCD fingertips
Keep digging through ones and zeroes
Lost time of nothing truth always on the lam
Said grandpa did it for Uncle Sam
He didn’t know what the fuck he was and why and how he just
How could we all be so stupid?

So goddamn mother fucking stupid



Isn’t it just natural to think so?

There’s no other way to put it

So natural to be so

Can’t imagine it any other

Felt every breath like
Moments together as
Images blurred like
These bodies so

Force between us
Here this
Now this

You brought me to a place without
Somewhere between where
Spaces of nothing
How could it

If that air was
And we were
Touch me
We can

If I could move slower I

If we could make it last for

It could be all there is to

All we’d ever


Driven far beyond the watcher
Candlestick cove
Grave cast early morning condesnsation
Wall was cold
Wet on my fingertips
Back of my throat cracked
Air was heavy

Light started from nothing
Eyes used to finding their own way
Feet floated over the rocks
Something was moving but I didn’t know what
Thought I was alone
Had to remember that it was impossible to be
Never just one
Or always

Staring off
You imagine his last thoughts
Life defined by roles
How can you be sad when you never knew him
Selfish is the audience
Depression from having to cling elsewhere
Broken branches fall beneath the climber
Thought to himself only halfway and then it began

If just nothing more then where do the lost go
If more then how
Someone knows
Everyone cares
But there he was on a stained carpet
Manipulator of the vessel
Toy for the laughing
Object for manipulation


so so pretty

Just there for the amusement
The beautiful ones
The young ones
Innocent and pure
Muscular and veral
Caught in flesh
Feast for the mind’s eye
Powerful demonica
Grateful slate
Abused use
Cast away
Ounces added up
Lonely beginnings
Screaming ends
Death for all ages
Careful where the serpent bends
Don’t look at their eyes
Teach you to forget
Oh pretty
Petty things
There’s more than meets
Ties and hankerchiefs
Linen cut mansions
Bridal cloth ritual
Blood stains the harp


My wrists hurt
bent back sanctum

My mind is numb
river beds coarse

Spinal ache
saw a vision today

Legs won’t move
stars told me a secret

Sparks flung at aspherical dancers
drunk on lies we held hands for freedom

Griffins landed on the rooftops hungry for blood
screams gone mute in the darkness of our hearts

Let moments of beauty calm you
death’s beginning forever our partner

See me now as a mirror to yourself
none of it is real if real is nothing


cardboard paste face taste dribble on your finger lace
give me a sign that can take my heart away
robotic cybernetic hypnosis upload my memory plug
cancer stricken sidewalks dinner table for children
dirty knees and dirty mouths send credits to accounts
business men lie in the sewage for thrusts of bliss
disease their families from vice trips running from hell’s grip
cash on the dollar sweep in the profits
bank vaults filled with cyanide gave Abraham second sight
careful walking in this night monsters stalk your shadow tight
rain comes you try to flee but eyes turn red and teeth get sharper
nothing to do but try to get away yet they keep coming and gaining in number
found a cave to hide in far down that’away
distance hidden in trees with others with the eyes cut out
cover your ears and hold your breath let the tears mark your death
illusionary home stuck orbital in mind made abundance
telescopic freedom left bodies rotting and souls soaring
up UP away



This all seems so
Don’t know
Who they were when
Can’t be that then

Differences illuminated to subjugate
Discriminate minds
Fascist surface fodder
Told us to watch the fireworks
Lead us into the fire
War doesn’t kill those who start it
Foolish to think it ever ends
Find a time when strings weren’t pulled for murder of innocents

You can’t

Human currency outweighs stock quotes
Golden scepter on seven hills
Leads the flock through blind torture
Divinity wrapped in lies

“Body of Christ”