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so so pretty

Just there for the amusement
The beautiful ones
The young ones
Innocent and pure
Muscular and veral
Caught in flesh
Feast for the mind’s eye
Powerful demonica
Grateful slate
Abused use
Cast away
Ounces added up
Lonely beginnings
Screaming ends
Death for all ages
Careful where the serpent bends
Don’t look at their eyes
Teach you to forget
Oh pretty
Petty things
There’s more than meets
Ties and hankerchiefs
Linen cut mansions
Bridal cloth ritual
Blood stains the harp


Sit your face on it
Wipe dirty fingers
Taste hate on lips
Love death from above
Pray for yourself
Sanctify paranoia
Ravage the library
Burn down the castle
Kill the will
Gravitate to a demon’s lair
Take him in your hand and put him in your mouth
Distance yourself self from God
If you believe it like they say
Jump off the first cliff you can find
Take your time in falling
The only time you’ll feel