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Isn’t it just natural to think so?

There’s no other way to put it

So natural to be so

Can’t imagine it any other

Felt every breath like
Moments together as
Images blurred like
These bodies so

Force between us
Here this
Now this

You brought me to a place without
Somewhere between where
Spaces of nothing
How could it

If that air was
And we were
Touch me
We can

If I could move slower I

If we could make it last for

It could be all there is to

All we’d ever



Don’t if you don’t want to… I can’t make you… I won’t do it… No… I won’t

Flip your lids away then… close your ears… but don’t forget… shut your mouth

Alone on this island… I don’t fear death… I won’t lay limp… weak… timid

I stand powerful… sturdy… distinguished… wild… eyes razor sharp

My mind digs in your soul.. disrupts your stability… feeds on your ineptitude

Inside you I am your master… your usurper… twisting through your spine

I control your motor… your desire… your talent… your pain… your will

I make you live… die… laugh… scream… cry… cum… bleed… create… fly

I am your maker… your lover… your giver… your taker… I am everything

Careful to keep you ignorant… blind… deaf… foolish… I pull your leash

Open your eyes… tell me you love me… let me in without knocking…

Time never ends… because it never started… doesn’t exist… and never will



At least if I were beautiful
I would be something

At least if I were cruel
I would do something

People could look at me
Watch me walk
Want to
Fuck me

I could hurt people
Trap them
Torture them and
Kill them

I could be special by just standing

My image would be gold

I could be the devil by just acting

My motives would be fire

To be beautiful can be cruel
Hurting people with a glance
Image becomes torture
Desire equals pain


Conscious paint drip
Talking to you
Yellow oil drops
Orange mix
Fire brush
Enigma swirl
Canvas snap
Mind face
Distant breath
Imagine horizon
Feel time conjuring illusion
Soft in a bed
Pillow tension
Bite till the teeth crack
Live till death comes back
Simplicity reverent

Palette under the finger nails
Rubber soles cross concrete
Steam from grates
Gone to get coffee
Skinny arms tattoo
Hand recycled cup
Paid with plastic fiction
Haven’t shaved in weeks
Won’t in years
No care anymore
Back with denim scratch
White tee shirt once
Pure cotton
If anything were
Which it isn’t
Biting nails
Thought something
Would like to have sex

Ever mind
Leave behind
All this time


Tossed in white cotton
Twisted with eclectic flesh-bot
Sunshine breeze caught me content
Music echos from a room too far away
Electricity cut from our space
Just lips and unwashed hair
Scars left of lives shed
Dead skin on our parents’ carpets
Together in comfort
Innocent lust
Discovery love
Cannabinoid nudity
Pale universe of extended light
Breathe future into my soul
Delete memories of false time
Forever in this bed
Season of flowers
Breasts of red and pink
Muscles between bones
Spark my tomorrow
Atlas let the world fall
Hold the life star
Forever of a day
Night falls
Die with me
Mystery moon beam
Of me


Reflection miss
Better than real
Obscure purity
Magnetic sight

Form of youth
Viral desire
Glass hypertension
Barefoot evil

Glass frame emission
Silk thoughts
Exhausted imagination
Artificial greeting

Voyeuristic research
Social disconnection
Flies in the hourglass
Figure of time

Tell me once
See my face
Breath with me
Love to taste

All as ever
One for this
Falsehood electronique
Digital Satan

End the vice
Break the insanity
Find your peace
Lost in reality


radical free-fall
solid desperation
baptism veil
carry altar

distant Earth
Moon shatter
Sun helix
gravity Saturn

ripple unconscious ocean
smear perceptual color scheme
grant thy desire
envelope forbidden

inside a room
grass floor
one window
cast illumination

bare feet
thirty degree curve
calf back of the knee
milk white

gold hair
curl fallen
desperate blue
supple pout

force between
compelling restraint
hand struggle
careless lust