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so so pretty

Just there for the amusement
The beautiful ones
The young ones
Innocent and pure
Muscular and veral
Caught in flesh
Feast for the mind’s eye
Powerful demonica
Grateful slate
Abused use
Cast away
Ounces added up
Lonely beginnings
Screaming ends
Death for all ages
Careful where the serpent bends
Don’t look at their eyes
Teach you to forget
Oh pretty
Petty things
There’s more than meets
Ties and hankerchiefs
Linen cut mansions
Bridal cloth ritual
Blood stains the harp



devil found me playing
in the yard with my toys
told me stop
said he had something for me
thank you I replied
he held out his hand
mine in his
up on my feet

back to the woods behind my house
said to hurry
we should not wait
can’t wait
pulling me now
turn back but house is lost from the trees

darkness now
scraped my knee on the stones
slipped from his sweaty hand
eyes glow in the night
stomach hurts
please don’t

what has happened
fire in the distance
legs wobbly
hands on a tree
thorn in my palm
blood down my arm

flickers of flame
he there again waiting
show him my hand
smile on his face
points towards my belly
blood from my pants

what what what have I done
what have I done looking for fun
hooves and horns and hate and hell
flesh in this fire I can’t stand the smell
head is light I feel quite faint
this devil came to me and now I can’t wake


Dissss Crazy
Cat shit lazy

Scrape litter off my napkin
Hungry can’t stand it

Feelin’ frost from your fingers
This morgue so bizzy
Can’t find a good stiff
So many peeps got me dizzy

Tom’s lookin’ through my window
Threw my shoe at’em
Can’t an old bag get dressed in her uniform anymore?
Blue hair Aqua Net
Spray the life out of your air
This might be too much
But I sold my ass to the devil
My soul was lost years ago

Confounded world
Can’t a person get raped anymore?
Naked on the sidewalk
Piss streams from Houston to Prince
Go to Kim’s
Carrot juice looked good
Too bad it tastes like shit
Skirt hiked to my navel
Step over my shins
I’ll wake when I’m ready
Too much to drink…
Ya think?


“Is this it?
All of it
All there is?”
“I think so
Don’t know for sure
Can’t find the truth
Between all these lines.”
“Me neither
So many words
So many lies
So many pages.”
“Contradiction they call it
If ‘f’ were a ‘v’
And you turned it around…”
“But that’s just English”
The devil’s language.”
But is what you’re saying the truth.”
“I don’t know what I say anymore
I just talk
Passes the time you know.”
There’s another one…


You crashed

Screams in your gizzard
Asphalt playground
Wooden doormat
Tire flat
Spiked bat
Got stains on my seat belt
G force
Ground control
Fire all cylinders
Tetrahedron heiroglyphics
Spells orgasm pyramid face
Sex magick disgruntled
Find old men at airports holding teddy bears
Why so shallow hound’s tooth
Find a President at the apex of humanity
Named after an object of disgust
Spells abuse
Children of the poor unite
Don’t let the vampire royalty
Kill your soul