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All the same and intertwined together
Caught in a snapshot by eagle feathers
Anointed sons of founding fathers
Blood lines red and white and blue
Clench fists with structural oppression
Dominance a cloth instilled ambition

Iron and steel and fire and death
Wave the flag from right to left
Cast your vote to kill the Earth
Imagine what the soul of a child is worth
Ask for change on faithful investment
Receive a loss for mind’s resentment

Breathe in and sigh without remorse
All together bring about a path to course
Voices low and high and true between
This is not all that life should bring
If ever there was truth let it be free
Today is the tomorrow where I becomes We



cardboard paste face taste dribble on your finger lace
give me a sign that can take my heart away
robotic cybernetic hypnosis upload my memory plug
cancer stricken sidewalks dinner table for children
dirty knees and dirty mouths send credits to accounts
business men lie in the sewage for thrusts of bliss
disease their families from vice trips running from hell’s grip
cash on the dollar sweep in the profits
bank vaults filled with cyanide gave Abraham second sight
careful walking in this night monsters stalk your shadow tight
rain comes you try to flee but eyes turn red and teeth get sharper
nothing to do but try to get away yet they keep coming and gaining in number
found a cave to hide in far down that’away
distance hidden in trees with others with the eyes cut out
cover your ears and hold your breath let the tears mark your death
illusionary home stuck orbital in mind made abundance
telescopic freedom left bodies rotting and souls soaring
up UP away


Slumber patterns
Drifting lanterns
Caught following
Crusted caverns

Trail of a legend
Walls of ancient language
Torches in the distance
Someone is there

Taher from before
Liaison and more
Guide through the chamber
No words to remember

Drawn into symbol
Heat grew in the darkness
Eyes never blink
Light brings vision

Drifting through the Duat
Gravity dissipates
Echoes solidify
Perception deviates

Earth spins dramatic
History reborn
Messages draped in myth
Structural divinity

Sleeping dogs lie flat
Time presses onward
Closed minds know not
Life shines forever


I lost my way
To day
Is to night
Like you
To God
Shared being
Different degree
In the mirror
I sees
Naked and
Cold and
Desperate and
Like the last snow flake
Individual and
Caught in spring’s
Melted mid flight
Wind pushes one last
Water breaks
Falls to
Divides to parts
Molecular and less
H2o into
Atoms unseen
Follow the invisible
Life let come


radical free-fall
solid desperation
baptism veil
carry altar

distant Earth
Moon shatter
Sun helix
gravity Saturn

ripple unconscious ocean
smear perceptual color scheme
grant thy desire
envelope forbidden

inside a room
grass floor
one window
cast illumination

bare feet
thirty degree curve
calf back of the knee
milk white

gold hair
curl fallen
desperate blue
supple pout

force between
compelling restraint
hand struggle
careless lust




omniscience …

No I…

Running                      find it

Stars could be

Who’s to really know
looking glass tells us so…
Feet on the ground
earthly Earth
Aura of…

When my eyes hurt
stare at the sun

Heart beat
If me….                                 explore opposites

Constant motion
perpetual impossibility
All possible
truth disproves the impossible

light flickered on the finger tips of the child
fire kissed water in the darkness
black is the color of possibility
infinite subconscious of nebular existence

human beings on a singular planet
traveling at the human defined speed of light
human defined laws of physics
earth bound perception
limited by sight

is what you see what you get…
if that’s all you want

spring   summer   fall   winter

sun moon earth

all in between

Hand passes through past the eyes
synapsis lightning strike
there is no air as air as nothing
different degrees of matter in a material
all one in All for degree determines difference for the eye to the brain to the thought to the…

“Go to sleep dear,
it’s only a dream.
Worry will get you nowhere.
Go back to sleep.
You’ll feel better in the morning.”

… exhale


Stared at you
Hate you sometimes
Want to touch you
Can’t feel you if I tried
Don’t understand this state of mind
Pain inside my toes from knees to back
What does it mean to be the one with land in sight and water on mind
I can’t taste the blood from your heart without taking a bite
Brightness falls when cast over the dirt mound of our lives
Don’t you see the sidewalk when it scrapes your teeth
Out of body all of mind set this tape to VCR rewind
Can’t hide from the stars
Never run from the sun until the end
Spread your arms wide open and return home
Father’s arms open for your embrace
Dig your face into his chest and sob the sorrows of your mental infancy
Children in the eyes of the universe the immaculate parent of consciousness