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Magnifying glass
Ant burn
Clouds pass by the sunshine
Shadows walk past the lawn
Hand picks the scab
Fell off the bike and got back on
Red Kool-aid on white shorts
Don’t look don’t look
Mother’s day 1988
Throw the Nerf ball
Sun up sun down
Hot dogs on the grill pop
Cicada hum through the oasis
Thorn tree set the property line
Blood remnant in the dirt
Night crawlers on the flesh
Drainage ditch bubble up black
Can’t find the snapping turtle
Time won’t turn back

Daddy sat a certain way
Laid on the carpet
Pet the dog
What if he spoke
Told the truth
Cried for life
Storm door swung shut
Compressed air sigh
Barefoot steps across grass
Breathless second
Dry mouth
Wood and metal weapon
Killed a deer twenty years before
One shot to one shot
Bookend murder
Death certificate self inflicted
Nothing else mattered
Everything was
Sun still rose
Sun still




Color spill
Stomach hurts before us
Cloud head
Demon face
Distant sight
Run through serpents
Run through night
Give the gift
Gift of flight

Keyboard static
Grave train
Derail coffin spill
Dirt clump
Careful on the hucka-stump

Rooftop rifle view
Ants to burn
Domino gun
Fall for fun
Unseen stun
Cries and tears and pumping blood
Pavement rattles
Thud thud thud

Cameras on
We’re on the air
Yell out children
Don’t breathe
Just stare
Truth be told
Look close for the strings
Make up on
Three, two

“Good evening, what we have to report tonight, is a
As of this very minute…”

Farther father down
Desperate inner clown
Sleeping bag in the cave son



In that itchy eyed dream world
lost in the past.
Lint under the finger nails
from Sunday last.
Give me liberty
from pain of yesterday.
Tell the story faithful
below the tree we lay.

Sunshine and daffodils
linger softly at my feet.
Crayfish in Allegany
from the bubbling creek we meet.
Long socks and ice cream
give way to drug cushioned insecurity.
It was clear once
then the world shattered.

Give us this day
our daily bread
and remember the sins
that led us here.
Tell me father
is there an answer to find?
Or do I already know it
and you did so
in kind?

Beautiful sunshine
please last forever.
Let our breath be full
of God’s bright splendor.
If we forgive ourselves
let us have salvation.
I love you Dad
and I’ll never
forget you.


Past hovers
Hooded cloak
Whispering shadow
Silent shouts
Pulsating continuance
Suffocating rhythm
Keyboard magnetism
Can’t help
Paralyzed art
Failed individualism
Started with a spark
Ended with an echo

Father gave
Son took
Life lost
Pupil frozen
Dark apartment
Studio dwelling
Rats in the garbage
Super beats them with a bat

Bricks revealed on Wooster
Apartments swirl on Houston
World ended as it began
Relish the tragedy
Cathartic elixir
Specialty tears
Took the money
He is dead


Tell this story
Year of my life
Lasted forever
Infinite strife

Soul searched for magnets in the fire
Found sidewalks with metal grates
Steam bound garbage smell
New York, New York

Nearly a thousand miles
Set between cosmic acceleration
Father and son didn’t share blood
Shared mind of common denomination

Path of economic loss conundrum
Buses and trains and planes and cars
Rental life blasted into reality
When did he load the final shot

Footsteps back to the place where
Forty paces to the thorn tree
Steps from the bridge we built
Headless in the dirt the body wilt

Caverns found me lightless in the studio
Requiem For A Dream
Met the teacher all on the horizon
Waiting for an answer to confirm Five Thousand

Cryptic words bring forth the story of a time
Soon the phrases to sentences paragraph chapters
Offer to you like a sacrifice in the hopes of recognition and acceptance
Please listen and tell me you love me

Pour my soul into a cup for you to drink…
There were lies once
But truth
All to offer


Sanity left some time ago
Faded polaroids in my pocket
Shaky shake the dust from my hair
Germans made the rocket

Jeans rip eight millimeter
Cassius Clay on the television
Green refrigerator
Selfish revivalism

Give me liberty
Spare your breath
Terrible father
Instant death

Eight cylinders
Three hundred sixty cubic inches
Big block
Bucket seats

Nothing fits anymore
All has changed
In another world
Time to be reclaimed


Run around dizzy got smitten malice in my razor blood caption savage

Distance jogging huffing and puffing cigarette ecstacy

Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus nothing begotten on the Thrice Great

Realized man of 33

Trip fall broken teeth scrape jaw smile now sweetheart

Bikini fancy Brazillian self conscious distinction did you know what they do there?

Sand in your everywhere and shit on your face

Love this world this magical place

Can’t find my shoe lace guess I’ll slit my wrists

Fall back into the welcoming arms of mother and father

Bleed out for the cops to wonder

But all it means is less paperwork unless my dog did it and in that case no treat

Pick up the poop brush the hair take out the trash do the dishes love to hate

TVTVTVTVTVTV tell me tell me tell me

What did the shadow government say to do? Be quiet and pay my taxes

Yes Mr. President (Queen) [POPE]

I pledge allegiance to a mirage

Turn on the car and shut the garage… See you in