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Sometimes I don’t know what to say
Rare for sure, but true anyway
Distant makes me wonder
Some say the heart grows fonder
Questions come and go
Answers somewhere head to toe

You were something in my mind
Talking to you after all this time
Seeing pictures of you and reading your words
Years gone by in separate worlds
Dark hair brown eyes freckle face
Dreams of kissing you in a far off place

Vane now it isn’t the same
Paths chosen in this ruthless game
Fantasy dragged me for a ride
Images of your body by my side
Future isn’t an unknown place
Build it daily behind this face

Burn away everything I’ve made
Guilt might wash away the debts long paid
Foolish to wash this all away
Fleeting fancy between pains of the day
Good luck girl my special friend
Sister lover companion to the end



Boom fairy
Hypnotic star gaze
Grapple mountain tops
Swimming oceans
Continental swift
Soft belly bubble snout

Can they kill the dolphins like that
Is it true the murderous ways of man
If questions didn’t exist
Would life be worth living
Punctuation unnecessary
We’re all left empty handed

Christ like figurative
Cloak and daggerness
Prince loves the baroness
Meet you behind the curtain
Church bells and sun down
Touch you kiss you love you fuck
Soul twisted inside you like a borrowing worm
Eternity with passion and dash of the animalistic
Bite your neck until you bleed
Won’t let you breathe
Until I know you’re mine
For this our ever faithful time

Hands clasped
Eyes stare
Forward exhale


Sound rumble disinfectant
I can’t stand this place anymore
This sound
This mirror
This whore
Oh you distinct one
Carry me this favor
I distribute pills to little children
Let me out on bad behavior
Different strokes carry paint to labored canvas
I hate God because he put me here
I hate you because you’re with me

Give us this day our daily dead
They were trespassers
And we forgive them not
Discourage disobedience
Sew mouths shut
I’d cut off your limbs but there’s work to be done
Be gone
Or today will be your last

Distant kindling
Snap crackle
Daddy in the sleeping bag
That white ash at the bottom of the fire
Tinted with hot orange
No one can see you now you know
Take a step
Feet into the fire
It won’t hurt if you don’t let it
Have faith my son
Fear will imprison you
Sets you free


Drift this
Passion compounds
Seen life by the handful
Death by the barrel


Product of this way
Loss of the word
Perversion of humanity
Shed this insanity

Material beings hypnotized by wealth
Property divides
Breeds disdain

See yourself in each other
Feel the universe in another’s hand
Be there for them
Accept them for you


Burn the lies
Reap the truth
God inside you
Fire of life

Peace can be with you
One connection
One breath
One love


Fall so far so fast I can’t see
Clouds sparse and distant as light will surely be
How many thousands and millions of years
Red giant will the sun become
Mammoth old star with all the memory from our eyes
Ashes abound the last creatures of Earth
Same as the first ones breathe those final winds
Desperate ears for one more call
Communal helping of last supper handshake
Apologetic to enemies
Dreams that once were
Oceans of fire
Sulfurous skies
Trees as torches
Tides lost to time
Not even the Moon can save us
Good bye


Found me on the roadside
nose bleed
scrape face
Hand mangled tomato cheez whiz
fire in the desert

Black leather boots
tan legs sweat
white dress breeze sway
Silhouette of curled brunette
she says to go
rise to appease her

bench seat never felt so good
one to end this
if I could I’d smoke a cigarette
fuck you to myself
no thought of food
my hand not as bad as I thought

motels always dusty this side
blue like you thought blue should be
better get cleaned up
all I want to do is
She might no be such a willing participant
thoughts won’t escape me

Sun goes down
like beer that could be colder
smell of her neck
take a bite of her shoulder
hope she comes back soon
I could use another lover