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Crash fuel
Half my life of this
Still running
Blurred landscape
Hyper tense
Heart grab
Lost hallucination
Internal oasis

Find me there
Warm in the blood
Past glance
Hands together
One more chance
Time distant
Space eternal
Mystery between

Drown me in nothing
Tear me to something
Rhythm stark ancient
Before ahead
All to be all for all
Gravitational evidence
Chalk lined life
Find each other in the ashes



Sometimes I don’t know what to say
Rare for sure, but true anyway
Distant makes me wonder
Some say the heart grows fonder
Questions come and go
Answers somewhere head to toe

You were something in my mind
Talking to you after all this time
Seeing pictures of you and reading your words
Years gone by in separate worlds
Dark hair brown eyes freckle face
Dreams of kissing you in a far off place

Vane now it isn’t the same
Paths chosen in this ruthless game
Fantasy dragged me for a ride
Images of your body by my side
Future isn’t an unknown place
Build it daily behind this face

Burn away everything I’ve made
Guilt might wash away the debts long paid
Foolish to wash this all away
Fleeting fancy between pains of the day
Good luck girl my special friend
Sister lover companion to the end


Random acts
Caught by chance
Can’t have significance
When nothing here is relevant
Life saturated with decadence
You’d think if we had a chance
To take a bow and have this dance
Nothing in this world would last
If all we did was live the past
Stretching crawling beyond our caste
Yet this is where we make our stance
Kneading in our beds like cats
It wouldn’t hurt to stop and fast
Let our minds receive their penance
Find ourselves a place to land
Safe and sound in God’s soft hands


Paper face
Magnum chase
Cardboard linger
Dashboard singer
Hawaiian grass stain
Lei for Christmas
Sunshine snowman
Stammer with credentials
Door knock
System shock
Shell to for
Can stop turtle dance
Millions of babies
Crawling on dust
Fate their maker
Ocean awaits
Who will survive
Lincoln knew
Theater ritual
Assassination rule
No freedom in the fee land
No safety for a free man
Razor in my hand
Quiver shake
Blood stake
Faint for few
Sleep with many
Pleasure over Light
Wisdom in the plight
Pillow fight
Laugh for us children
Laugh for us all


Birth of a new day
One with the tech
Automaton far reached
Fully functional
Disregard higher being
Lay waste in the material

Boundless denial
When does it end
When will we know

Not out
But in
Destitute delusion
Find the heart
Scrape the mind
Twice renewed
Duality in creation
Image of One
Made two
Divinity divided
Humanity triad
Lost in the dogma
Seek it
Find it
Grasp it

Tell us tell us
What you know