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Crash-tacular assassinations leave dizzy with fascination
Phraseology birthed from Phonetics ripe with Mythology
Temple of Music 1901 two shots by the gun
Pierced stomach of the nation
Anarchists on the run
Could it be just as it was

Setting the scene and following clues
Checking the web and search old news
Papers leave me wanting to know
What could be of closed door interrogation
Sinister sophistication
Pointed stars and stone buildings

Electrical triumph of light and death
Progress leads to martyrdom
New President rough rides to office
Niagara Falls pumps power into brightness
Railroads feed cash to British blooded pockets
Some left wanting and pacing for misdirection

Match stick ignition
Dark cavern flicker
Echoed steps
Somewhere an answer
Sounds of yester
Years left calling

Talk to time
Answer in rhyme
Sound and music give geometric condition
Vibration of global cosmos
Learn to listen
History revision



Magnifying glass
Ant burn
Clouds pass by the sunshine
Shadows walk past the lawn
Hand picks the scab
Fell off the bike and got back on
Red Kool-aid on white shorts
Don’t look don’t look
Mother’s day 1988
Throw the Nerf ball
Sun up sun down
Hot dogs on the grill pop
Cicada hum through the oasis
Thorn tree set the property line
Blood remnant in the dirt
Night crawlers on the flesh
Drainage ditch bubble up black
Can’t find the snapping turtle
Time won’t turn back

Daddy sat a certain way
Laid on the carpet
Pet the dog
What if he spoke
Told the truth
Cried for life
Storm door swung shut
Compressed air sigh
Barefoot steps across grass
Breathless second
Dry mouth
Wood and metal weapon
Killed a deer twenty years before
One shot to one shot
Bookend murder
Death certificate self inflicted
Nothing else mattered
Everything was
Sun still rose
Sun still



Color spill
Stomach hurts before us
Cloud head
Demon face
Distant sight
Run through serpents
Run through night
Give the gift
Gift of flight

Keyboard static
Grave train
Derail coffin spill
Dirt clump
Careful on the hucka-stump

Rooftop rifle view
Ants to burn
Domino gun
Fall for fun
Unseen stun
Cries and tears and pumping blood
Pavement rattles
Thud thud thud

Cameras on
We’re on the air
Yell out children
Don’t breathe
Just stare
Truth be told
Look close for the strings
Make up on
Three, two

“Good evening, what we have to report tonight, is a
As of this very minute…”

Farther father down
Desperate inner clown
Sleeping bag in the cave son



hands crumbling to stone gravel inverted discussions
slow down to meditative loneliness near catastrophic oblivion
careful dance with phone number glance
wet sidewalks felt heel clap while eyes stare at pantyhose splash

red hair awash of freckled eyes
caress kittens ingredients of kitty-cat pie
yahoo serious made me smile bubbles into beer
young boy ignorant sponge could’ve been queer

stand to the toilet with shriveled baby bird
piss starts sideways dear god will the furnace guy come
my hands hurt to type but i figured i might
loser on all counts inside, but outside i do ok

pray for the jesus inside of you too bad you don’t know what christ is
as if turning an idea into a man wields some ungodly power
perhaps it does with all the faithful sheep climbing snow banks on a cold sunday morning
perhaps i’ll load this gun now and have some front page cable news fun

maybe no
just don’t understand sometimes
too many people condensed multiplication variable excitement
render video tasteless to numb tongue cocaine dribble

fascinated by naked bodies
lost in internet comment dreamworld
why am i so shallow but imagine  myself so deep
why do i keep typing when i should probably get some work done

oh of course
i don’t want to
funny thing to want
never more



Found it in the blades of grass
Them perhaps
His glasses there
No stains
Just wear
Worn many days to months and years
In sun and rain and snow
Lenses made bright dim
Haze to focus
Lifted up to massage the bridge
Thumb and forefinger
Then pushed back

Steps back across the yard
Wonder when he mowed last
Had he given up his past
These steps he takes left all aghast

Deny your light and you will see
Darkness on a summer’s day
If it’s all too bright
Than he just might
Take out his gun
Shut out the light


Each step
Time lost
Each breath
Life cost

Won’t slip on this gravel
As I run, run, run

Won’t twist this ankle
Don’t shoot the gun, gun, gun

I’d stop killing
If it wasn’t so
Fun, fun, fun

You can see the divisions
You can hear the incisions
We are all just copies

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls!
Please give a round of applause

“You there… you. Yes, you. Stand up. Stand up you dirty little piggy.
Get up here.
Get up here and fuck this animal for us all to see…
Do it
Do it because we say so.”


Coffee filled dynamics
Dashboard mechanics
Radio squeal
Eyes blurred
Again again again

Careful not to offend
Hours tick
Change jingles
Used to smoke
Now I quit
“Good morning”

Ass down
Hemorrhoid flare
I’ll get to it in a minute
Let me think a second
Why why why
I don’t know

Oh my God
That ass
I could if I wasn’t
But she wouldn’t
Too young
Too old
What what what
That’s just how it is

Another cup
Why not
Heart attack will get me out of here
Sympathy blowjob maybe
Probably not
Lunch today
Salad or burger?

Could buy a gun when I get out of here
If only I had one right now
Oh God wouldn’t that be
Oh so good right now
Walk down the hall
Saving them with every shot
Oh yes
Yes yes yes

Time to go home
I don’t think I’ve done anything
Probably fired for looking at porn
Don’t give a fuck
No no no
No, I certainly don’t