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Don’t tell me
You’re a liar
A real liar you
Gray wearing matter of facter
Terrible detractor
Backdoor handshakes hand shaking back stabs
Continents in blood
Running for the hills women and children
Tripped and fell on the hillside
Roll and roll and break bones crack snap echo
Distant conundrum
Truth bleeds through LCD fingertips
Keep digging through ones and zeroes
Lost time of nothing truth always on the lam
Said grandpa did it for Uncle Sam
He didn’t know what the fuck he was and why and how he just
How could we all be so stupid?

So goddamn mother fucking stupid



Coffee kiss
Long night turns to darkened piss
Baggy eye muscle cramp
Pistachio skin bottom foot
Cold tile floor broken glass
Blood on paper towels
Slung bodies half naked
Curious hands gone limp
Dreamland for party boys
Girls called home to mommy
Sleepover pjs and whiskey bottles
Razor blade bathroom
Someone’s still awake
Found guns in the closet
Never saw it coming
Knocks on the door
Please God let me be asleep