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rari… digni… satis…

Died like you

heart stops two

Two step deux

drape shape you

Nude to a cue

Asphalt heat

melt red marten’s

calves parabola

x/y special

sweat reproduction

Organ gave mist

Drive till the gas runs out

follow me in this desert

find an empty place

hands on your waist

Earth gave us all to waste

Bring me your face

let us taste

youthful blood

bite my lip

claw me


just don’t

love me



Coffee kiss
Long night turns to darkened piss
Baggy eye muscle cramp
Pistachio skin bottom foot
Cold tile floor broken glass
Blood on paper towels
Slung bodies half naked
Curious hands gone limp
Dreamland for party boys
Girls called home to mommy
Sleepover pjs and whiskey bottles
Razor blade bathroom
Someone’s still awake
Found guns in the closet
Never saw it coming
Knocks on the door
Please God let me be asleep

Hot HOT hot

Swimsuit bikini wax
Boy cut
White cotton
Panty spank
Lip curl
Tongue tickle


Spell binding leg lines
Toe show red paint
Teeth tight
Spy glance
LA town of devil broil
She of both sexes
How oh why this
Image so far gone
Little girl was then
Is now
But boy toy
Satan dance
Daddy pushes
Mommy allows
Sing song for sing-a-longs
Words fly through time
Disappear in the digital night
Starry eyed virginity
Punished by
Muscular men sold to serve
Girls open to all
Pay to see it
Eyes drool for more
More more more
Hot hot hotter
Desperate for

Popstar whore princess
All hail
Pedophilia ideals

Elitist visions
Gave birth to this
Blackmail destruction
What is it in us
Leads to such terror

What they want
We give
What they need
Always there
Perversion infinite
It’s 11 o’clock

Do you know where their children are?