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Rather come slither
Point is no dysfunction
Careful hypothetical deduction
When to what and how to who
Desperate fatigue
Lace my boots to the sight of you
Metal stairwell somewhere dark
Mystery beyond the light line
Warmth gave me shutters
Nerves gave in
Felt something missing
Catharsis in sin

Down the line
To intertwine
Phrases dance the sunshine
Rhythm from heart to hormones
Fever pitched without a touch
Never more or even more
Clock spun backward on blistered lips
Far off away from there
Here is safe in blatant honesty
This is me saying “Hi”
Too much thought between
“Good bye”


u… boy

Cracked out
Needle drip
Blood sponge
Ground Cheetos in the carpet
Spaghetti burnt stove top
Cigarette filter burn
Phlegm hack the kitty box
Mold under laundry piles
Paint peel reveals torture
Food stamps for soda pop
Lottery tickets table top
Sour body odor
Maxi pad over flow
Someone turned the lights off
He pressed his hands
Freckles crossed by tear drop
Lamb for the taking
Act like a boy now
Never let the love stop
Forced denial
Mother said it’s her fault
Blamed brown eyes for looking that way
Evil lives somewhere in a smile
Blue eyes ignorant to deviance
Bastard boy
Die boy
Better run and hide boy
Cry cry cry
We hope you
Die die die


Tossed in white cotton
Twisted with eclectic flesh-bot
Sunshine breeze caught me content
Music echos from a room too far away
Electricity cut from our space
Just lips and unwashed hair
Scars left of lives shed
Dead skin on our parents’ carpets
Together in comfort
Innocent lust
Discovery love
Cannabinoid nudity
Pale universe of extended light
Breathe future into my soul
Delete memories of false time
Forever in this bed
Season of flowers
Breasts of red and pink
Muscles between bones
Spark my tomorrow
Atlas let the world fall
Hold the life star
Forever of a day
Night falls
Die with me
Mystery moon beam
Of me


Head light
Dream scape
Cap sule
Drag net

Freeze frame
Spark shine
Breeze flame
Smoke shadow

Drift in the darkness
Pain silhouette
Dress pleated horror
Love’s hateful dance

Paper crease
Electric patience
Smile shiver
Hand trance

Give aid to
Monument fade through
Dissolve next location
Train parts our station

River produce
Mountain slip
Potent valleys
Frozen tips

Fingers drip down your face
Soft neck trace
Grip of desire strain
Exhaust this day

Final moments
Careful words
Lust lost eyes
Slipping touch

Never return
Gone are the hours
Fire within
Destruction above

_ _ _



Careful to care free
linen wrap
Soft breeze
Sun over the Pacific
west coast of nothingness
Rocky cliffs and wild horses
round sunglasses off
look down reflection
eyes up

lost her in the waves
all gone along the shore
filtered bliss of sexual repugnance
thought it was in a handful
late summer drive
purple-orange horizon
pumped gas in a daze
snacked without hunger

Motel odor
Matisse copied into brass frame
Moments of feeling whisked to the wind
Minds held fusion back together for a night
Mutual physical release replenishes the day
Morning brings a chance to start a again

A chance to live for when


Caught off guard
Stopped in motion
Constant rhythm
All of one mind
Queen unveiled
One step to knowledge
Reality stripped away
Man turned God
Legend passed through tongue
All stems from this tree
Roots of the Nile

Careful digging
Bring number into focus
All relative
All is Law