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My wrists hurt
bent back sanctum

My mind is numb
river beds coarse

Spinal ache
saw a vision today

Legs won’t move
stars told me a secret

Sparks flung at aspherical dancers
drunk on lies we held hands for freedom

Griffins landed on the rooftops hungry for blood
screams gone mute in the darkness of our hearts

Let moments of beauty calm you
death’s beginning forever our partner

See me now as a mirror to yourself
none of it is real if real is nothing



You can destroy everything
Take away all you see

That will be all you need
Nothing and you’re free

Desperate facade
Always causing pain

Don’t listen to your mother
She doesn’t know anything

When all is gone
You have everything

Try define it
You can’t describe it

All can be a burden
Drop it and come home

Back to giving place
Where all has been made

From nothing
We have everything

Wipe that world
Off your face


I am a nothing
When you wake up and realize your talentless
Like air never breathed
So am I withering
But to wither is to be something
And here I speak as nothing
Wasted dreams of potential
Thought but never had
Could draw but never trained
Could sing but never tried
Funny but for silence
Write words for no one

If those works were never seen
Blow to the psyche
Lost can’t regain
I know no person to work with
To write with
To sing with
To make pictures for
To be a part of something

I am alone
And I am nothing
You missed me as you walked past
Because you don’t notice a nothing
On your way to do something
Full of passion
Nowhere to bleed
Just me and the stars
This is my place
My place to concede