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This all seems so
Don’t know
Who they were when
Can’t be that then

Differences illuminated to subjugate
Discriminate minds
Fascist surface fodder
Told us to watch the fireworks
Lead us into the fire
War doesn’t kill those who start it
Foolish to think it ever ends
Find a time when strings weren’t pulled for murder of innocents

You can’t

Human currency outweighs stock quotes
Golden scepter on seven hills
Leads the flock through blind torture
Divinity wrapped in lies

“Body of Christ”




Run around dizzy got smitten malice in my razor blood caption savage

Distance jogging huffing and puffing cigarette ecstacy

Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus nothing begotten on the Thrice Great

Realized man of 33

Trip fall broken teeth scrape jaw smile now sweetheart

Bikini fancy Brazillian self conscious distinction did you know what they do there?

Sand in your everywhere and shit on your face

Love this world this magical place

Can’t find my shoe lace guess I’ll slit my wrists

Fall back into the welcoming arms of mother and father

Bleed out for the cops to wonder

But all it means is less paperwork unless my dog did it and in that case no treat

Pick up the poop brush the hair take out the trash do the dishes love to hate

TVTVTVTVTVTV tell me tell me tell me

What did the shadow government say to do? Be quiet and pay my taxes

Yes Mr. President (Queen) [POPE]

I pledge allegiance to a mirage

Turn on the car and shut the garage… See you in



Never thin enough
never ever ever
Run run run
Starve starve starve
Lock yourself in the sauna
Watch out for that fattening water
It’s okay have piece of bread
And die die die
Oh oh oh
How is that you have been so
So wrong in what you think
Puke up your childhood into a jar and save it
Eat later and puke again
Shit never stunk so good
Your hot mouth
Lips look good bloody
Knock your teeth out again
Spin the 8mm
Sell it to a banker
Let him fly to Belgium
Kiss the Pope’s dick
With a Goat’s head mask
On the altar of the New Age


Careful inspection of things to come
Ever striving, changing
Earth time, space time, our time
Wrapped between each other and warped for our torture
Conscious struggle of the soul
Salvation in the stars, in knowing our connection
You are me, I am You, We are everything
Damned the perversions of this age
Course set millennia before
Tall hats, fine garments, sanctified alters, Latin prayers, false Gods, hypnotizing idols, black souls… Killed the shepherd to feast on the sheep
Rabid wolves in Rome deserve our other cheek
Cheeks borne from slavery, execution and abuse… Youth destroyed, freedom withheld
Their words
His Word
Papal Plague
Vaccination needed