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u… boy

Cracked out
Needle drip
Blood sponge
Ground Cheetos in the carpet
Spaghetti burnt stove top
Cigarette filter burn
Phlegm hack the kitty box
Mold under laundry piles
Paint peel reveals torture
Food stamps for soda pop
Lottery tickets table top
Sour body odor
Maxi pad over flow
Someone turned the lights off
He pressed his hands
Freckles crossed by tear drop
Lamb for the taking
Act like a boy now
Never let the love stop
Forced denial
Mother said it’s her fault
Blamed brown eyes for looking that way
Evil lives somewhere in a smile
Blue eyes ignorant to deviance
Bastard boy
Die boy
Better run and hide boy
Cry cry cry
We hope you
Die die die



Tired, distressed and sick of this mess
Move my fingers to get emotions of my chest
Grapple with hysteria, this mind fights with matter
Gravitational alignments make me dizzy
Nap time felt like it wanted to be meditation
Woke up with that hazy feeling
Mend my soul with lazy healing

Eyes open
Fear creeps in as the conscious grows
Puzzle fits together for some, but most have all the wrong pieces
Low birth
Opportunity mysterious
No golden key
Wealth affords
Gifts of the Earth
Given by the blood of poverty
Pretend to care
Illusionary charity
Life a stage without an audience
Find death appropriate
See you again
Right back where we started


Retro absorption
Puppet at the podium
Shadows drift between our ears
They say he’s red
But we know he’s clear
Distant parade
Boots step the mantra
Complexity compounds complicit behavior
Battlefield bunker basement
Nuclear explosion on the television
Ask not what these boxes will tell you
Read between the lines of resolution

High Definition 4K war machine
Cellphones message cancer to your mother’s womb
Babies born chipped
Pick blue eyes blonde hair rejoice
Plastic surgery for pre-school
Toddler has a perfect thigh gap
God Bless America
Red carpet back scratch Senate clap
No taxation without corporate approval
Homeless man with a Swiss bank account

Off shore off the grid off load and off put
Often smell roses on my night stand
Manhattan taxi stain
Thumbs up leather glove Mr. Porter
Tell me how to think from the G between compass and square
Teach me how to feel
Fall in line for the funeral march
Shake off the dead weight of the world
Start from the ground up
Get off seeing children with flies on their faces
Poverty grows on the run-off from mansion sewage
Tragedy asks for the laborers to donate at checkout

“That is a beautiful car.”
“It certainly is sir.”
“Does it come in 24 karat gold?”
“Yes sir, whatever you’d like.”
“Diamond encrusted rims and trim?”
“If that is what you’d like.”
“Well, I would like that.”
“Very good sir, I will have it ordered for you.”
“One more thing.”
“Yes, sir?”
“Shit yourself.”
“As you wish.”


Speeding past your heart like life on telepathic ignition
towards a space
a dream made real with the blink of eyes on children dying
did you see their pain on their backs
crawling struggling starving to be free of your mighty sword
your whip your chains taking the world for all its worth with the cards stacked in your favor you devilish despot disgusting whore
I hate your guts and if I see you my cheek will be turned but my gun will be loaded
because you don’t deserve to live

when the butterfly’s wings flap and the air shifts and millions die
because of your selfish greed
I can’t live like this when all around me is death
but if all wasn’t then what is when was is something that exists in books
written by men with bears and spectacles crying out “in God We Trust”
but if you don’t know what god is then how can you trust anything at all

I’ve got change in my pocket but no shoes
and I walk down this empty highway as the sun sets
hoping that someone will see my thumb and we can talk
talk into the night on the way to the motel
and man or woman we can lay together and love each other and even for a moment
if we are one and the people in the next room are one
and everyone in the hotel and the town and in the county and in the state and in the country and world filled with ones than there is nothing they can do to stop us …

Sit back and think and meditate
Make your world
Pray you can enjoy it
They don’t deserve to suffer
No one deserves such pain
True as the sun fills the sky on a summer day
It is true that the naked boy crying is your brother
Pick him up
Wrap him in a blanket
And tell him you love him

Dish cracK


Cook this meal
Find this heart
Love thy neighbor
Play your part

Music plays in your background
There is an odor on your sleeve
Where did you come from
When will you leave

Stand by the wall breathing
Paint a picture of your world
Distance brings souls left bleeding
Shame to think of all this dead

Isles high
Seven hills down low
Land shattered to many
Future brought union to know

How the globe is stretched and divided
Yet controlled by the uber
One on the seat the throne
One linked of some living off the backs of the



Wires in my hands
Pull my unreality into focus
Show me the way to the sovereign
Take me there to where the dove dies
I’ve got wooden limbs soaked in alcohol
Concrete gives me life
Hollowed halls of the paper chase
Constant over bearing dilemma of fate
Found Jesus in the sunshine
Found the Devil in my pocket
Just words and ideas of fanciful control
My mind aches with atmosphere
Smogged feeling of loneliness and rapture
Blue eyed princess came to me in the night
On the computer screen she tempts my being
Her limbs slender
Lips tender
Came on the day discount return to sender
This sheet of my existent lay blank
Pen out of ink
My tongue recoiled
Speak not for what it can do for you
Your country will lessen the load when the time comes
Intervals of controlled poison
Time release viral infection finds your sons and daughters
Webcam tizzy kiss lips six packs and sex truth and HD
Won’t send the waves through wire like TV
Companies wouldn’t want that
Corporatocracy upholds the meaning of Christmas
Santa flies under the radar
Forced consumerism the American way
Type type click click
Naked women and video games
Bite my fist with impatience
I need something I see
I’ve seen everything the world can offer
Masturbate before bed
Tissues in my pillow
Suck my thumb womblike
Cut this cord
Release me please
If only I could end this injunction
Take you with me to the side of the mountain
Overlook the valley
Spread for all of us to live
Don’t need your laws
Your time
Your hate greed control hypocrisy

All I need is sun on my face and love in my heart


Smoked mirrors
Thin air manifest
Cloth in your pocket
Numbers slide by
Yellow dot matrix
Core of humanity
Civilization’s tool
Whip to our backs
Question mark enforcer
Planned division

Sew these lips shut
Fill ears with cement
Shower the eyes in blood
It is not as it seems
Drink it in
Tap in your mouth
Choke on the lies
Let them control

Strings on wrists and ankles
Dangle and dance for the masked wizards
In the palm of their hand
Under their boot
Feel free to serve
Continue your ignorance
See you
See you on that plane
Where we will be equal
Where the paper
No longer
Has meaning