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Crash-tacular assassinations leave dizzy with fascination
Phraseology birthed from Phonetics ripe with Mythology
Temple of Music 1901 two shots by the gun
Pierced stomach of the nation
Anarchists on the run
Could it be just as it was

Setting the scene and following clues
Checking the web and search old news
Papers leave me wanting to know
What could be of closed door interrogation
Sinister sophistication
Pointed stars and stone buildings

Electrical triumph of light and death
Progress leads to martyrdom
New President rough rides to office
Niagara Falls pumps power into brightness
Railroads feed cash to British blooded pockets
Some left wanting and pacing for misdirection

Match stick ignition
Dark cavern flicker
Echoed steps
Somewhere an answer
Sounds of yester
Years left calling

Talk to time
Answer in rhyme
Sound and music give geometric condition
Vibration of global cosmos
Learn to listen
History revision



Tap my electronic computer mind
See my face in the blind
Carry over consciousness from divine
Sanctity felt in the base of your spine
Square root of one-thousand eighty-nine
Cartoon soul vision
Drifts of ink swell in Korean cellars
Changed to pizza box mayhem
Pick up truck Rustoleum transformations
Sinister misgivings rival Camp David
Space flight below the sea
Avatar Abyss Aliens with triple A service
Flat tire on the side of the road
Blowjob for a tow
Kiss the baby Mr. President
Kiss the baby or you’re done
Footsteps hollow in Air Force One
Watch out Harrison this one’s bout to get spun
Box Office parade for pierced ear magic man
“Get the fuck out of my house”
David retreats
Popcorn in my ass-crack
Ice Cream on your tits
Fair weather friends never gave a shit
But everyone does the next morning
Big meal never hurt so good
Blood on the toilet paper
Everlasting gobstopper just drove by
What does it mean
Just relax
Don’t regard these words
Dis them if you may
Lords of politics don’t have sway
Hills of Montana the penitent man shall pass
Waiting to WTF the ATF
Shots fired
Mother dead
Man’s fault for not paying his taxes
Lest we do the same
Find your name on cable news shame
Headlines today
Normcore reduction
Top Chef judge’s table
Bald head Bali-tastic cleavage show
Gale’s having another baby better have dessert
Switch the station
Go to sleep
Please try again
You didn’t win


Run around dizzy got smitten malice in my razor blood caption savage

Distance jogging huffing and puffing cigarette ecstacy

Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus nothing begotten on the Thrice Great

Realized man of 33

Trip fall broken teeth scrape jaw smile now sweetheart

Bikini fancy Brazillian self conscious distinction did you know what they do there?

Sand in your everywhere and shit on your face

Love this world this magical place

Can’t find my shoe lace guess I’ll slit my wrists

Fall back into the welcoming arms of mother and father

Bleed out for the cops to wonder

But all it means is less paperwork unless my dog did it and in that case no treat

Pick up the poop brush the hair take out the trash do the dishes love to hate

TVTVTVTVTVTV tell me tell me tell me

What did the shadow government say to do? Be quiet and pay my taxes

Yes Mr. President (Queen) [POPE]

I pledge allegiance to a mirage

Turn on the car and shut the garage… See you in


[.:.] Or diE

Cement fingertips
Shoulder strain
Ran stale
Hometown pain
Spiked in the railroad
Capitalist rape
Power play Niagara
Tesla slave
Fat of the land
New York Central
City of Light

It was



To me
Tell me what this is
All about this world
Voted you in because you are us
Melting pot with hear and soul
Mind and body fused
Between three piece suits and Air Force One
Speak to US
Any time
Why oh why
My my my
Can’t you do anything
Lie Lie Lie

“Soldiers, soldiers! Gather your arms
Bullets and bombs, tanks and jets
War is among us
Our battle from afar
Desperate to be saved
Salvation we bring
Explosions of freedom
Tyranny will be
Wiped from your land
Syria, sweet Syria
Don’t worry
It’ll be easier when your dead”

God Bless America
They know not what they’ve done