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Run around dizzy got smitten malice in my razor blood caption savage

Distance jogging huffing and puffing cigarette ecstacy

Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus nothing begotten on the Thrice Great

Realized man of 33

Trip fall broken teeth scrape jaw smile now sweetheart

Bikini fancy Brazillian self conscious distinction did you know what they do there?

Sand in your everywhere and shit on your face

Love this world this magical place

Can’t find my shoe lace guess I’ll slit my wrists

Fall back into the welcoming arms of mother and father

Bleed out for the cops to wonder

But all it means is less paperwork unless my dog did it and in that case no treat

Pick up the poop brush the hair take out the trash do the dishes love to hate

TVTVTVTVTVTV tell me tell me tell me

What did the shadow government say to do? Be quiet and pay my taxes

Yes Mr. President (Queen) [POPE]

I pledge allegiance to a mirage

Turn on the car and shut the garage… See you in




I see you do it
Do it so easy
Hell toe or
Torn sneaker step
Sidewalk clop
Amazing to watch you walk

Dangerously sexy
Clench my nails into my palm
Blood drips through vents
Sweat washes my neck

Like something I will never know
Trouble kept at bay
Faces smile for friends’ memories
Too many images for it to truly matter

No day worth remembering on your own
These times were made to be deleted
Yet you live and breathe as the envy of my eyes
Queen of my body
Reset my adrenaline
I will see you if I die