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Magnifying glass
Ant burn
Clouds pass by the sunshine
Shadows walk past the lawn
Hand picks the scab
Fell off the bike and got back on
Red Kool-aid on white shorts
Don’t look don’t look
Mother’s day 1988
Throw the Nerf ball
Sun up sun down
Hot dogs on the grill pop
Cicada hum through the oasis
Thorn tree set the property line
Blood remnant in the dirt
Night crawlers on the flesh
Drainage ditch bubble up black
Can’t find the snapping turtle
Time won’t turn back

Daddy sat a certain way
Laid on the carpet
Pet the dog
What if he spoke
Told the truth
Cried for life
Storm door swung shut
Compressed air sigh
Barefoot steps across grass
Breathless second
Dry mouth
Wood and metal weapon
Killed a deer twenty years before
One shot to one shot
Bookend murder
Death certificate self inflicted
Nothing else mattered
Everything was
Sun still rose
Sun still




Was a boy when I scraped my knee
Thick scab came after the blood
Like rebuilding a village after the flood
Picked the scab it felt so good
Until it didn’t
Then more blood
Got good at it though
Picking scabs that is
Knew when and where to start a pick
What color made it that time
They say not to do it or it might scar
But when I look at my knees now
Scars really aren’t there
It’d be fun to pick scabs again
But I’d hate to scrape my knee