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Isn’t it just natural to think so?

There’s no other way to put it

So natural to be so

Can’t imagine it any other

Felt every breath like
Moments together as
Images blurred like
These bodies so

Force between us
Here this
Now this

You brought me to a place without
Somewhere between where
Spaces of nothing
How could it

If that air was
And we were
Touch me
We can

If I could move slower I

If we could make it last for

It could be all there is to

All we’d ever


so so pretty

Just there for the amusement
The beautiful ones
The young ones
Innocent and pure
Muscular and veral
Caught in flesh
Feast for the mind’s eye
Powerful demonica
Grateful slate
Abused use
Cast away
Ounces added up
Lonely beginnings
Screaming ends
Death for all ages
Careful where the serpent bends
Don’t look at their eyes
Teach you to forget
Oh pretty
Petty things
There’s more than meets
Ties and hankerchiefs
Linen cut mansions
Bridal cloth ritual
Blood stains the harp


rari… digni… satis…

Died like you

heart stops two

Two step deux

drape shape you

Nude to a cue

Asphalt heat

melt red marten’s

calves parabola

x/y special

sweat reproduction

Organ gave mist

Drive till the gas runs out

follow me in this desert

find an empty place

hands on your waist

Earth gave us all to waste

Bring me your face

let us taste

youthful blood

bite my lip

claw me


just don’t

love me


Don’t if you don’t want to… I can’t make you… I won’t do it… No… I won’t

Flip your lids away then… close your ears… but don’t forget… shut your mouth

Alone on this island… I don’t fear death… I won’t lay limp… weak… timid

I stand powerful… sturdy… distinguished… wild… eyes razor sharp

My mind digs in your soul.. disrupts your stability… feeds on your ineptitude

Inside you I am your master… your usurper… twisting through your spine

I control your motor… your desire… your talent… your pain… your will

I make you live… die… laugh… scream… cry… cum… bleed… create… fly

I am your maker… your lover… your giver… your taker… I am everything

Careful to keep you ignorant… blind… deaf… foolish… I pull your leash

Open your eyes… tell me you love me… let me in without knocking…

Time never ends… because it never started… doesn’t exist… and never will



Rather come slither
Point is no dysfunction
Careful hypothetical deduction
When to what and how to who
Desperate fatigue
Lace my boots to the sight of you
Metal stairwell somewhere dark
Mystery beyond the light line
Warmth gave me shutters
Nerves gave in
Felt something missing
Catharsis in sin

Down the line
To intertwine
Phrases dance the sunshine
Rhythm from heart to hormones
Fever pitched without a touch
Never more or even more
Clock spun backward on blistered lips
Far off away from there
Here is safe in blatant honesty
This is me saying “Hi”
Too much thought between
“Good bye”


At least if I were beautiful
I would be something

At least if I were cruel
I would do something

People could look at me
Watch me walk
Want to
Fuck me

I could hurt people
Trap them
Torture them and
Kill them

I could be special by just standing

My image would be gold

I could be the devil by just acting

My motives would be fire

To be beautiful can be cruel
Hurting people with a glance
Image becomes torture
Desire equals pain


Sometimes I don’t know what to say
Rare for sure, but true anyway
Distant makes me wonder
Some say the heart grows fonder
Questions come and go
Answers somewhere head to toe

You were something in my mind
Talking to you after all this time
Seeing pictures of you and reading your words
Years gone by in separate worlds
Dark hair brown eyes freckle face
Dreams of kissing you in a far off place

Vane now it isn’t the same
Paths chosen in this ruthless game
Fantasy dragged me for a ride
Images of your body by my side
Future isn’t an unknown place
Build it daily behind this face

Burn away everything I’ve made
Guilt might wash away the debts long paid
Foolish to wash this all away
Fleeting fancy between pains of the day
Good luck girl my special friend
Sister lover companion to the end