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Buttons Buttons Buttons
Buttons on my shirt
Sweater Sweater Sweater
Please mommy it hurts
Itchy wool my neck don’t like it
Please mommy I don’t want to
These saddle shoes don’t fit anymore
I don’t fit in his clothes mommy
Please don’t make me do it
Please don’t make me wear this
I don’t wanna comb my hair
I don’t wanna brush my teeth



dance hypnotic carousel redundant
cardboard castle with a scepter in my hand
robes to riches to vile four-legged bitches
whip and chains for breakfast
hats in my hand for grandma’s return

defy this stable of fancy lance holders
hoorah to the impotent
fondle the dead children
en mass chicken coupe
no heads or appendage
fry me up some dinner please
i think me has a headache

dig downtown for treasure left laden
freedom never felt so confining

divy up my mind between sanity and mush
watch the t.v. for answers
listen to your speech for vomit

if i say i do dare i say i won’t
walk into your garage and breathe the exhaust
fine wine never tasted this sweet
muffler to lips as if nipple to newborn

take me away fair serpent please set me free
i want to burn away like milton said we would
with fruit of knowledge up my ass and an erection in my hand

oh desperate apes feel your surroundings
jump into the pit with me
covered in blood and shit
and bark and scream and howl to the king
no reason to be civilized on this icy plane
we are the chosen
we are

dead animals


Reflex, diffusion, complex confusion
Gimme some expert diction
Relay some exquisite version
Demonstrative planks, carry hijinx exclusive
Disarray caption
Wooden frame smile time
Wall pinned funny
Carpet wallpaper destruction
Brown turkey, black hearts, lost souls and grandpa farts
Fourth thursday, Fuck You
I’ll give you some Fourth of July Stew
Halloween, suck my dick
Christmas for the wicked
America the sexy ass motherfucker
Beautiful’s for Ben Franklin golden key kite lightning suckers
Thomas Edison thief in the morning
Ask Tesla’s family mourning
Waterfalls of power gone yonder
Spin me some yarn you cannon raping Godder
Smoke rises in the South by Southwest
Choke on your fake indie film’s you art impostering pest
Disguise shit for art and call it crap in rotten tomato right click snap back
New Era embroidered lovely, straight brimmed goodness found gracious too cuddly
Yet down on the ground ants roast like almonds under the magnifying glass of Gandhi’s
Sherlock Holmes wonders where it went, if he can’t find it maybe no one can
Know one thing and you’ll be no more than me
I got a dick like a pulsating cucumber when I see a fat ass in white panties
Jesus (he still here???) get down off of there like some kind of dumbass and save this world
Fool ass sonofabitch… although I think that was your cousin Damien from that sweet movie
Damn when they found that grave
DAMN!!! That was Thorn’s kid in there
Give me something good to eat my feet is stankin’ from runnin around and egging your Neighbor’s house
Woah, is that your daughter there, don’t worry pops I’ll have her home next year
Yeah, that is a gun in my hand, I’ll take yellow dog too
Yellow dog? You want Yellow dog?
Yeah, bitch and roast up that venison veal ’cause that deer you let loose from that cage looks Good as hell
That’s right, hell looks good compared to this virtual desert… shit, you didn’t get this far?
No worries, nobody reads my fuckin emails either
But that’s probably because nobody likes me
Not because I’m smart
Or interesting
Or quirky (quirky?)
Or some other special name bullshit they label unpopular fuck ups with…
I’m a stupid fuck dork faggot piece of shit cocksucker who deserved that wedgy, that punch In the face
Now come over here and give me a kiss
A blowjob too while you’re at it and maybe you can cum too…
Cause that’s the kind of guy I am
A givin’ motherfucker