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mere novelty

You said you knew it would happen one day
Made it feel special as it came to pass
A miracle moment as if just born
What decisions haunted you till then
Yet the varnish has peeled away
What does it say about me
Does it say more about you
What you’ve done with the gift of feeling
Of knowing this part of you that walks free
Creation you held inside you
Guilt or shame leads you astray
I am here for as much as I am lucky to endure
Life not always something one would appreciate
Yet you are not a true sufferer
It can’t be pain if it is brought upon by yourself
Narcissistic sorrow for the weak of heart and loss of complete mind
I’m still there pretending to be like one of you
Like the one I would have been
But no matter
Wouldn’t be me if anything else
Wouldn’t be you if something other
Decisions are actions of mind
Defining you like the feet that help you run
Away from what could be good
But you can’t feel
What miracles can be like
You of pity
Worthless pity