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Crash fuel
Half my life of this
Still running
Blurred landscape
Hyper tense
Heart grab
Lost hallucination
Internal oasis

Find me there
Warm in the blood
Past glance
Hands together
One more chance
Time distant
Space eternal
Mystery between

Drown me in nothing
Tear me to something
Rhythm stark ancient
Before ahead
All to be all for all
Gravitational evidence
Chalk lined life
Find each other in the ashes



Not going to pretend
Pretend you’re
Something you’re
Not going to know
Something that
You are more than
What you
Not just a memory
Not just an image
You are something



cardboard paste face taste dribble on your finger lace
give me a sign that can take my heart away
robotic cybernetic hypnosis upload my memory plug
cancer stricken sidewalks dinner table for children
dirty knees and dirty mouths send credits to accounts
business men lie in the sewage for thrusts of bliss
disease their families from vice trips running from hell’s grip
cash on the dollar sweep in the profits
bank vaults filled with cyanide gave Abraham second sight
careful walking in this night monsters stalk your shadow tight
rain comes you try to flee but eyes turn red and teeth get sharper
nothing to do but try to get away yet they keep coming and gaining in number
found a cave to hide in far down that’away
distance hidden in trees with others with the eyes cut out
cover your ears and hold your breath let the tears mark your death
illusionary home stuck orbital in mind made abundance
telescopic freedom left bodies rotting and souls soaring
up UP away


Born of pure glass
Crystalline vision
Innocent perception
Collective subconscious
Seconds to minutes
Hours to days
Peripheral metamorphosis
Parental drones
Help fit the shroud over the eyes
Baptism of ignorance
Light but a memory
Truth the unseen commodity
Caught by the firing squad
Blind obedience

As the searcher sifts of the desert sands
Ancient mysteries of the ethereal origins
Explore tombs of inner wisdom
Find what once was lost
Make it known
For liberty of soul
Death of the body
Freedom from time


Jennifer told me her name in the sand
Let me smell her hair
Let me hold her hand
Gave me smiles to keep breathing
Kissed my mouth till my heart stopped beating

Nothing else mattered
Nothing else was
Sparks in my eyelids
Saying her name just ’cause

Love is meaningless when shared by itself
Nothing is real in the present
Future came to me like a shower of wealth
With her I’d find it
Something real
Something besides death

Ran to her in the morning and night
Spirit racing to share her light
If she wasn’t there I don’t know what I’d do
Might have to wait because there’s no one like you

Jennifer the idea
One thing is true
Real or not doesn’t matter
It’s all what we do

“This lake seems like an ocean sometimes, you know?”
“Sometimes. It is a big lake.”
“It is”

“Look at me.”
He looks, “Yeah?”
“I love you.”
Smiles shared
“I love you too.”



Long before birth
Material realization
From physical not
Out of the black virgin
Cathedral manifestation
Gift of tools
Palette of mind
Canvas of the eyes
Make of this life
Structure of eternity
Infinite legacy

Who you are
What you do
Time irrelevant
Billions of colors
Brought together as one
Distant yet fused

Don’t lose sight


Tattoo my soul to your lips
Flaps of skin to your whips
Forty lashes for salvation
My heart beats for eternal damnation
Robes and silk and gold and power
What lies beneath the lampshade of time

God fell from the heavens and we saw
Something that wasn’t what we thought all along
Ever increasing our capacity for movement
Vibrations between us conscious found most abundant

If I should die before I wake
I’ll be back again my soul will take
Another body here or there
There might be here or anywhere
Another vibration of matter to be sure
But will my subconscious cease to remember
The love I found on this matterful plane
A distant horizon I won’t see again
Desire for flesh will it ever be mine
If it wasn’t for feeling I’d die all the time