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Past hovers
Hooded cloak
Whispering shadow
Silent shouts
Pulsating continuance
Suffocating rhythm
Keyboard magnetism
Can’t help
Paralyzed art
Failed individualism
Started with a spark
Ended with an echo

Father gave
Son took
Life lost
Pupil frozen
Dark apartment
Studio dwelling
Rats in the garbage
Super beats them with a bat

Bricks revealed on Wooster
Apartments swirl on Houston
World ended as it began
Relish the tragedy
Cathartic elixir
Specialty tears
Took the money
He is dead



Tell this story
Year of my life
Lasted forever
Infinite strife

Soul searched for magnets in the fire
Found sidewalks with metal grates
Steam bound garbage smell
New York, New York

Nearly a thousand miles
Set between cosmic acceleration
Father and son didn’t share blood
Shared mind of common denomination

Path of economic loss conundrum
Buses and trains and planes and cars
Rental life blasted into reality
When did he load the final shot

Footsteps back to the place where
Forty paces to the thorn tree
Steps from the bridge we built
Headless in the dirt the body wilt

Caverns found me lightless in the studio
Requiem For A Dream
Met the teacher all on the horizon
Waiting for an answer to confirm Five Thousand

Cryptic words bring forth the story of a time
Soon the phrases to sentences paragraph chapters
Offer to you like a sacrifice in the hopes of recognition and acceptance
Please listen and tell me you love me

Pour my soul into a cup for you to drink…
There were lies once
But truth
All to offer


Sit your face on it
Wipe dirty fingers
Taste hate on lips
Love death from above
Pray for yourself
Sanctify paranoia
Ravage the library
Burn down the castle
Kill the will
Gravitate to a demon’s lair
Take him in your hand and put him in your mouth
Distance yourself self from God
If you believe it like they say
Jump off the first cliff you can find
Take your time in falling
The only time you’ll feel


Run around dizzy got smitten malice in my razor blood caption savage

Distance jogging huffing and puffing cigarette ecstacy

Oh Jesus Jesus Jesus nothing begotten on the Thrice Great

Realized man of 33

Trip fall broken teeth scrape jaw smile now sweetheart

Bikini fancy Brazillian self conscious distinction did you know what they do there?

Sand in your everywhere and shit on your face

Love this world this magical place

Can’t find my shoe lace guess I’ll slit my wrists

Fall back into the welcoming arms of mother and father

Bleed out for the cops to wonder

But all it means is less paperwork unless my dog did it and in that case no treat

Pick up the poop brush the hair take out the trash do the dishes love to hate

TVTVTVTVTVTV tell me tell me tell me

What did the shadow government say to do? Be quiet and pay my taxes

Yes Mr. President (Queen) [POPE]

I pledge allegiance to a mirage

Turn on the car and shut the garage… See you in



Found it in the blades of grass
Them perhaps
His glasses there
No stains
Just wear
Worn many days to months and years
In sun and rain and snow
Lenses made bright dim
Haze to focus
Lifted up to massage the bridge
Thumb and forefinger
Then pushed back

Steps back across the yard
Wonder when he mowed last
Had he given up his past
These steps he takes left all aghast

Deny your light and you will see
Darkness on a summer’s day
If it’s all too bright
Than he just might
Take out his gun
Shut out the light

for this, that

i killed my father
i did
i know it
for all he did
protection given
raised up
gave all
he could not tell me what was wrong
ignorant to suffering
it was never enough
till he gave up his life

footsteps in the grass
you wonder if he bothered to put shoes on
dog left scratching at the door
most people had gone to work on the street
maybe some still having coffee
threw his glasses away
did he plead with God
did he cry out
or did he go silent into the sunlight

shot gun blast from the backyard
they all heard it when
from Manhattan still wanting
“Dad, where are you? Where is that money? I need to talk to you. I need… need… NEED”

‘requiem for a dream’
in the dark
studio apartment
living like wealth
banking prince schoolmate
adopted son of a prison guard
knew not what i’d done

call back again
man answers
police answer
grandma on the phone
“what’s going on?”
“Your father… oh, Nathan. Your father… he’s dead”
“Sorry grandma… I have to go”
history rushed to the forefront

race to the restaurant
find bev
scream, cry, yell……
no this could not be
but it was
it was my fault you see
words in my belly
guilt in my heart
survival on the brain
someday it will come out proper
someday it will be told


born adoption
broken love
innocence lost surgery arrest
eyes open
brother abused
transform abuser
death in two-fold
grandfather the king of one side
grandmother outcast of the other
suicide patriarch
all roads lead to Rome

she returned to me
salvation at hand
baby girl
baby boy