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All the same and intertwined together
Caught in a snapshot by eagle feathers
Anointed sons of founding fathers
Blood lines red and white and blue
Clench fists with structural oppression
Dominance a cloth instilled ambition

Iron and steel and fire and death
Wave the flag from right to left
Cast your vote to kill the Earth
Imagine what the soul of a child is worth
Ask for change on faithful investment
Receive a loss for mind’s resentment

Breathe in and sigh without remorse
All together bring about a path to course
Voices low and high and true between
This is not all that life should bring
If ever there was truth let it be free
Today is the tomorrow where I becomes We



NOTE: This is the prologue to an unfinished work about Gen. William Sherman and his time in the Civil War… There is more to say on it, but this excerpt is from a famous speech of his known as the “War Is Hell” speech.. when I dug into deep research on the General I found a most interesting person whose personal struggle with the times, and with the horrors of war forged a new way to use the power of hell to win in battle… even if it was the prelude to even greater horrors in the century to come.