Coffee filled dynamics
Dashboard mechanics
Radio squeal
Eyes blurred
Again again again

Careful not to offend
Hours tick
Change jingles
Used to smoke
Now I quit
“Good morning”

Ass down
Hemorrhoid flare
I’ll get to it in a minute
Let me think a second
Why why why
I don’t know

Oh my God
That ass
I could if I wasn’t
But she wouldn’t
Too young
Too old
What what what
That’s just how it is

Another cup
Why not
Heart attack will get me out of here
Sympathy blowjob maybe
Probably not
Lunch today
Salad or burger?

Could buy a gun when I get out of here
If only I had one right now
Oh God wouldn’t that be
Oh so good right now
Walk down the hall
Saving them with every shot
Oh yes
Yes yes yes

Time to go home
I don’t think I’ve done anything
Probably fired for looking at porn
Don’t give a fuck
No no no
No, I certainly don’t


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